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A Fitting Finale - Chef Lambert’s Tuna Flavours


Thursday, December 07, 2017

Iberostar Hotels staged the season finale of their Chef on Tour series with a splendid offering from Chef Matt Lambert (a three-year consecutive Michelin star winner) of the famed Manhattan eatery, Musket Room.

The event unfolded on Saturday, November 25, at Iberostar Grande, to a full house of Montego Bay's top chefs, food enthusiasts and tourism industry players and partners.

Lambert presented an impressive eight courses complete with a double-dessert, perfectly complemented with Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) wines. The courses, a perfect mélange of his Kiwi heritage, his US immersion and classical French training, came together with symphonic precision to bring the curtain down on a year-long Chef on Tour Series.

The visiting chef explained that he was extremely happy to be visiting Jamaica for the first time and was truly delighted to be given the opportunity to prepare meals outside of the United States and especially in a country with such rich cuisine culture. Lambert also added that he was quite pleased with the availability of fine products to work with, especially the offerings by Fresh by Rainforest.

Introductions and pairing explanations aside, guests settled in for an exciting evening complete with live entertainment by singers Michael-David and Rory Frankson, accompanied on piano by Jevon Green.

Thursday Food has delighted in the year-long spectacular with Iberostar and looks forward to further culinary discourse in 2018.