• VoiceMail rides high with Clap It Up
Tuesday, July 31, 2012

VoiceMail rides high with Clap It Up

JAMAICAN dancehall duo VoiceMail, which comprises Craig Jackson and Kevin Blair, has hit pay dirt with the single Clap it Up, which is featured on the Washroom Entertainment label's Poolside rhythm project.

Clap it Up has been creating waves on the dancehall circuit. The single has crept up two places to number eight on the Entertainment Report Top 10 Singles chart which airs on TVJ.

In a release to the media, Jackson revealed that the duo plans to release a video to capitalise on the momentum of the song's success.

'We are getting ready to shoot the video for Clap it Up within the next two weeks. The song has been doing well and the fans seem to love this track. We have other videos in the pipeline so the fans can look out for them", said Jackson.

Upcoming videos include Party Commander and the Coalition Medley.

Party Commander is a fiery and explosive dance track which has been igniting the airwaves particularly on Fame FM, ZIP FM and other radio stations. The feel-good party anthem is the first single from the duo's upcoming album Next Level.

"We are getting very good feedback from this dance track and we are looking at getting the video done by the end of August," said Jackson.

The duo's single Link Up is featured on the Coalition rhythm and a medley video for the project is expected shortly. The project was produced by Frankie Music.

VoiceMail has topped the charts with hits including Get Crazy, Wacky Dip, Do What You Feel Like, Weh Di Time, I Need You and Dance the Night Away.

VoiceMail is a part of Team Coalition which also comprises the production team from Frankie Music, radio jock Kurt Riley, and others.

VoiceMail's upcoming album Next Level is set to be released in Japan towards the end of the summer. Its release will be staggered between Europe, North America and the rest of the world.

The duo will then head to Europe in October to commence worldwide promotion of Next Level. Their success in Europe has been unparalleled. Their previous albums have done well in that market, moving more than 200,000 copies combined.

VoiceMail's next overseas gig is scheduled for August 25 in Guyana. There they will share stage with songstress Tami Chynn.