• Valentine high flying
  • Valentine high flying
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine high flying

DUBBED 'Sharing Love 1,000 feet In The Air', this Valentine's Day special hosted by the Aviation Club Jamaica at the Tinson Pen Aerodome was in no sense of the words a cliche experience.

Imagine for a second, sharing the view of the sun setting and watching the city of Kingston transform into rays of light with that significant other. What an experience!

The brainchild of Samuel Neil, president of the Aviation Club Jamaica, the experience was bundled into two packages. The first included a 10-minute flight around the aerodome called a circuit and the second, was five minutess longer, and included a flight to the Stony Hill surroundings.

This one-of-a-kind experience took couples up to the sky as early as 5:30 pm. And after each trip TEENage spoke with the satisfied couples. Some of the words to descibe the experience were "special", "comfy", "smooth", "a great view", "romantic" and "scene straight from a timeless classic".

After all the couples went on their Circuit, it was finally time for TEENage to share in the adventure of viewing the picturesque Kingston Harbour in the evening. The experience was indeed breathtaking.

Unfortunately, in 10 minutes the flight was over, but we have to say thet the Aviation Club fulfilled their promise of 'Sharing Love 1,000 feet In The Air'.

We hope that next year more of you will get to share this experience.