Tiffani makes the big haul

| Tuesday, June 12, 2012 |

TIFFANI Ralston, is a 15-year-old who loves to fish. And she's quite good at it. At the recently held Globe Insurance/Royal Jamaica Yacht Club Fishing Tournament, Ralston won two major awards at the event. And amazingly that was the first fishing tournament she's ever competed in. Tiffani tells TEENage more about her hobby and herself.

TEENage: What school do you attend? What form are you in?

Tiffani Ralston (TR): I attend Hillel Academy, and I am in grade 10 (fourth form).

TEENage: At what age and how were you introduced to fishing?

TR: I started fishing at the age of five. I was introduced by my father, John Ralston, as he fishes a lot.

TEENage: What do you most enjoy about fishing?

TR: I enjoy fishing mostly because I like spending time with daddy. Also, because I like seeing the fish, and when I land one I feel very accomplished.

TEENage: What's been your largest/heaviest catch to date?

TR: I caught a 46.5-pound kingfish at the tournament. Before that, the heaviest fish I had caught was a 24-pound tuna, that I caught at Bowdich.

TEENage: What's been your most memorable fishing experience/s to date? And why?

TR: My most memorable fishing experience to date is probably the Globe Tournament, this is because I won the two titles of 'Lady Angler' and 'Junior Angler Heaviest Fish'.

TEENage: Share your experiences during the 2012 Globe Tournament. Did you have a strategy/game plan you executed on fishing day?

TR: During the Globe Tournament I felt it was a tough job winding in the fish, mostly because I am left handed. After a while, after my right hand got tired of winding in the fish, I would switch and use both my hands to wind in the fish.

TEENage: Share how you felt on winning the 'Junior Angler Heaviest Fish' and 'Lady Angler' titles?

TR: When my name was announced at the prize giving for winning these two titles, I felt very very accomplished. Not only was I proud of myself, but I knew that my family was proud of me also, so I felt even better about winning.

TEENage: What other hobbies and school-based extra-curricular activities do you enjoy?

TR: Outside of fishing, I am an equestrian, I ride horses at Caymanas Polo Club. I also am I member of the Key Club at my school.



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