• Talk Up Yout starts new season tonight
Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Talk Up Yout starts new season tonight

STARTING tonight, TEENs can enjoy the second season of Talk Up Yout, which will be on Television Jamaica at 9:00 pm.

This season they will continue to encourage our nation's youth to 'talk up' about the things that affect them, as the team highlights various topics and situations.

In the previous season, the Talk Up Yout team — Stanley and Empress Productions — delved into the topics of illiteracy, sexual abuse, abandonment, and violence.

Based on discussions with the team, this season they will highlight physical disabilities, suicide, dwarfism, homosexuality, reckless driving, and much more, with transactional sex being their first.

Nadia Stanley, one of the show's executive producers mentioned that it will be interesting to see how persons respond to these issues that are seen as taboo. She hopes that by continuing to highlight these issues, persons will be more open and understanding of them.

Also in the plans for this season is the launching of the 24-hour Talk Up Yout online counselling centre where youth can comfortably and anonymously seek guidance for any issue and concern.

Be sure to check out the first episode tonight and to keep up with TEENage for comprehensive coverage, advice and vox pops on various issues. Also remember to check out www.talkupyout.com, follow @talkupyout on Twitter and like TalkUpYout on Facebook for more information.