Tuesday, June 19, 2012

VIDEO: Sean Paul shows off his Technique

SEAN Paul launched his latest album Tomahawk Technique to Jamaica last Wednesday at the Fiction Night Club and Lounge in Kingston and TEENage was there to catch all the happenings.

Tomahawk Technique is Sean Paul's fifth studio album and fourth release from his VP Records/Atlantic Records Partnership deal. The album features 12 tracks helmed by several producers, including Sean Paul's major label production debut.

The host for the proceedings was Paula-Anne Porter, who began with a reel of Sean Paul's history of successes within the entertainment industry. This included a streaming of the video Nice Time, Sean Paul's first recording which was produced by Irwin 'Carrot' Jarrett.

These video presentations would become a staple feature for the night, with a myriad of Sean Paul video clips on display via several television monitors simultaneously.

'Carrot' Jarrett, who was the first guest speaker, and spoke about Sean Paul's continued humility over the years and that the dancehall superstar "never forgot his roots".

Another speaker, Big Yard and Scikron Entertainment CEO Robert Livingston, also commended the personality traits of Sean Paul, and highlighted that he is the only Jamaican artiste that has maintained a presence abroad, and in his own words "every artiste waah deh weh Sean Paul deh".

The Tomahawk Technique album launch closed with Sean Paul making an impromptu performance of songs from the album such as Body, Hold On and She Doesn't Mind.

In our Press Record interview Sean Paul, he delved into the sound of Tomahawk Technique, which is sonically different from his previous efforts.

"This album is different, has a different sound, because a lot of the producers on it are from outside of Jamaica interpreting dancehall," Sean Paul told TEENage.

Watch how Sean Paul explains the fusing of various genres into instrumentations on this album, his chronology as a musical risk taker, and his creative input into music videos.All that and more in our new, exclusive interview Press Record on the Jamaica Observer website or on YouTube.com/TEENageObserver.