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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rick’s Cafe

AS we continue our Jamaica 50 feature of sites that have brought fame and prestige to our little island, we venture to Negril to highlight the world-renowned attraction Rick's Cafe.

Located a little over four miles from the downtown Negril area along the West End Cliffs, Rick's Cafe came into existence in 1974 through the efforts of founder Richard Hershman. In describing the sensation of patrons who visit the cafe, Hershman was quoted as saying, "your body has finally arrived where your mind has always been".

With Negril being predominantly famous for its beaches, the attraction brought to life another dimension of the area; a comfortable and relaxing site for watching the sunset. This in fact, has become a tradition for Jamaicans and tourists alike, to flock to the area as the day ends.

Rick's Cafe was the first public bar and restaurant of its kind in the area, and with its unique cliff-sided appeal, has become a notable rival to the seven-mile beach on the northwest coast.

In addition to being famous for its spectular view of the sunset, Rick's Cafe has also been touted as an attraction for 'the dive of a lifetime', boasting platforms as high as 35-feet from which to dive into the inviting cove below. For those who are not brave enough to take the dive, they find enjoyment in watching local divers perform various stunts, also a feat that has brought persons from near and far to the site.

Despite suffering extensive damages at the expense of hurricanes Gilbert and Ivan in 1988 and 2004 respectively, Rick's Cafe continues to provide its guests with arguably the best sunset viewing and diving location in Jamaica.