Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Red Stripe parties responsibly

RED Stripe is playing its part in taking corporate social responsibility to the next level, by ensuring that a ‘bulletproof’ ID system exists to keep underage drinkers locked out of events, which it sponsors.

The new ID system, which was put to the test at the hugely popular Smirnoff Dream Weekend and Appleton Temptation Isle (ATI) in Negril over the Independence holiday, comes against the backdrop of a staggering 74 per cent of Jamaican school children admitting to imbibing alcohol in a 2006 survey by the National Council on Drug Abuse.

“We believe it is time to make a strong statement about the dangers of alcohol usage by minors. Therefore, we at Red Stripe are ‘pulling all the stops’ to prevent underage drinking at events which we sponsor, and we’re encouraging organisers and sponsors of other events to do the same.” said Head of Marketing at Red Stripe, Jomo Cato.

Cato, who admitted, “we never used to insist on IDs before and therefore, may have unknowingly allowed persons underage entry to these big events”, now assures that in collaboration with J Wray & Nephew and the promoters of the events, they are redefining their collective responsibility in stemming the growing problem of alcohol abuse, particularly among the underage.

“Over the busy weekend patrons had to show ID when purchasing or collecting tickets. They also had to go through the same process when redeeming an armband, which the attendants put on them as proof that they are of age and can now be allowed entry to the shows,” Cato explained.

This system was imposed for the Smirnoff Dream Weekend, one of the company’s biggest events of the summer, which took place in Negril from August 1st to the 6th and attracts thousands of patrons both local and international annually.