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Vitch pours feelings into Let Yuh Guh

Catch Di Riddim

By Kevin Jackson
Observer writer

Friday, May 19, 2017

Newcomer Vitch pours his emotions into his latest single Let Yuh Guh. The song, produced by Spanish Town-based Quantanium Records, tells the tale of a friendship gone wrong.

“A friend, who is no longer a friend to me any more, happened to breach our friendship. I just put the situation to song,” Vitch told Splash.

A video for the song was recently directed by Blacq Road Media Film.

Vitch, whose real name is Jermaine Gilespie, is from the volatile Spanish Town vicinity. He describes himself as versatile and a lover of music who expresses is emotions through song.

“As a lover of music, it comes natural for me to write songs that have relevance,” Vitch explained.

The 23-year-old deejay has been pursuing music professionally since 2010.

“I was inspired to do music because of my immediate surroundings. When I see what's going on in Jamaica, I draw my ideas from things taking place. So here I am better than last year and the year before, really doing great,” he added.

To date he has recorded for UPT Records, Remalinks Records and Don Richie Productions.

Some of his other recordings include Bad Thoughts, Spin Barrel and Look Inna Mi Eye.