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Krysie banks on Tomorrow

Friday, November 03, 2017

KRYSIE is getting a buzz with Tomorrow ahead of its official release next Friday.

“People love it. They are responding to it, disc jockeys have begun to rotate it, and the mixtape deejays love it and it is on quite a number of the mixtapes for the Christmas season,” said the singjay.

“This song is the real deal. The theme is that the youth are the future, that's why we had a special scene in the video with lots of children. Tomorrow is an inspirational song, to let people know that no matter what they are going through now, you have to push on and do it, just do it, only action can make a better tomorrow. We don't support the 'beggy-beggy' culture; we no want that, people should go work, find something do,” she continued.

Tomorrow is produced on the Warrior Musick label.

Krysie (given name Crystal Robinson) grew up in Kingston and attended Clan Clarthy High.

In 2004, she entered the Tastee Talent Search Competition where she placed third. Five years later, she entered the Digicel Rising Stars Competition where she made it to the top 10 before being eliminated.

She has already landed multiple collaborations with Busy Signal.

“We have done multi-collabs together. He takes on to my energy; I love his drive and his song-writing ability. There is just something about my personality and my energy, the first night we met, he featured me on a song called Fyah and we have been friends since,” she said.

Krysie, signed to Dameon Gayle's Warriors Musick Productions, points to her writing skills as an asset.

“Well, I feel very blessed to be able to put down my thoughts on paper,” she added.