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Jovi Rockwell working on EP

By Kevin Jackson
Observer writer

Friday, January 12, 2018

Jovi Rockwell is back in Jamaica and ready to make an impression with a new project.

“I'm working on an EP to give the fans some new music. There will be a variety of tracks from dancehall to some dub style and reggae. Beats and Cool Face are some of the producers I'm working with,” Rockwell told Splash.

The Florida-based singer was a staple on local radio up to 10 years ago thanks to songs like Party On, Dance Floor, All About Love and You're Gonna Need Me (done with Mr Vegas). But after signing with Epic Records in 2009, not much has been heard from her.

She believes she has grown during that period.

“I have evolved in many ways personally, even as a musician. I speak musical theory and compose now, so there's a lot more songwriting. There's the evolution as an artiste, and I keep on honing my craft and exploring,” she explained.

Her pending EP is titled The Longest Short Cut. It is her first major collection since 2009's mixtape Psycho Therapy. Last summer, Rockwell released the song Aight Up Like 7 produced by Cool Face. A remix featuring Ding Dong is to be released shortly.

Born Joelle Clarke, Rockwell grew up in middle-class Norbrook, St Andrew. She has collaborated with Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, MIMS, Akon and Ne-Yo, and featured on projects by Major Lazer.