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Danielle D I feels for the battered

Friday, March 08, 2019

Domestic violence has been a priority for women's rights advocates for many years. In Jamaica, reports of these incidents have risen astronomically in the last 10 years, with several ending in murder.

Singjay Danielle DI believes the rate of physical assault against women in Jamaica is troubling.

“There are various factors that affect women in Jamaica today. For example, lack of self-esteem. However, what predominantly stands out for me as a major contributing factor are the forms of abuse from men, namely physical and mental abuse, which often result in murders and suicides,” she said. “I'm not sure as to what would be a proper solution, maybe the relevant authorities need to implement harsher punishments for these crimes that would hopefully allow the perpetrators to exercise more self-control.”

Danielle DI's latest song is Powah, produced by Malakhii Records.