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'Ambassador Kevin Downswell'

Friday, November 03, 2017

KEVIN Downswell is Jamaica National (JN) Group's new corporate ambassador. The announcement was made an exclusive event dubbed The Surprise held at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston recently.

The gospel singer is part of JN's soon-to-be launched People First campaign as well as star of the JN Group's new corporate movie, The Surprise, which premiered at the event.

The film traces a day in the life of Downswell, a native of Westmoreland, which is also the parish which JN was founded and the various offerings the JN Group's 11 financial and non-financial subsidiaries play in his everyday activities.

“No matter where I go in the world, whether its Europe, Africa, or America, the minute I take the microphone, I'm gonna represent Jamaica. And, the JN Group is a part of Brand Jamaica,” said Downswell.

Leon Mitchell, JN Group's executive of marketing and sales promotion, said the gospel singer was a natural fit for the JN brand.

“Kevin's wholesome, every man appeal, represents the values that our brand exemplifies; and, interestingly he hails from the parish of Westmoreland, which is the birthplace of The Jamaica National Group,” said Mitchell.

As part of the campaign, Downswell will be featured in the advertisements of the companies within the JN Group, and will also participate in special appearances and performances at specific events.

“The JN Group is a people company and our goal is to inspire people,” said Mitchell. “We are committed to the success and growth of Jamaicans, and with our 'People First' campaign, we will promote business as a force for good; so that, together, we can improve the outcome of Jamaicans wherever they may reside.”

Downswell is known for songs including If It's Not You, You Make Me Stronger, Already Done, and Nobody But Jesus.