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$64-m damage to parochial roads, drains in Trelawny

Thursday, January 11, 2018

FALMOUTH, Trelawny - Chairman of the Trelawny Municipal Corporation (TMC), Councillor Colin Gager says the preliminary estimate to parochial roads and drains damaged in the wake of last week's flooding in sections of Trelawny is approximately $64 million.

“We have an estimate here of $63.8 million. That is quite a lot, but we will see what we can do because most of the farm roads are damaged,” said Gager, who is also mayor of Falmouth, during a press conference in the capital on Monday.

Meanwhile, one woman, 61-year-old Elizabeth Thompson drowned after she was swept away in floodwaters in her Barnstaple community, near Jackson Town, in the parish. There were also reports of loss of livestock in the community.

Last week's flash flooding also created significant infrastructural damage in several other communities across the parish.

However, the Bottom Town section of Clark's Town and Rodney Bottom in Duncans, bore the brunt of the assault.

The angry rushing waters ripped up the road leading into Rodney Bottom leaving the over 300 residents marooned.

A large number of residents, who said the level of last week's flooding was unprecedented, appealed to Member of Parliament for Trelawny Northern Victor Wright to lobby for assistance on their behalf.

“It's the first I have seen anything like this happening here,” bemoaned Cecil Smith, an elderly man, who appealed for help.

Wright committed to providing assistance by making representation to the National Works Agency (NWA), as well as providing from his Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

“The residents have been significantly inconvenienced and marooned since then (flooding). The NWA has been here, I have been here and we are working to, at least, see if we can get the residents in and out of this community. But it's a significant disaster. The road has been destroyed and persons at this time are only able to access the main road by foot,” Wright said.

Meanwhile, rafting has been temporarily suspended at the Martha Brae Rafting Village after scores of bamboo rafts were swept away, as the river overflowed its banks during the inclement weather.

— Horace Hines