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Thieves strike again in Skibo, Portland

Observer staff reporter

Monday, November 13, 2017

THIEVES have again targeted the community of Skibo in Portland, butchering several animals and leaving their remains for carrion crows to devour.

The incident occurred two weeks ago in the wee hours of the morning, Joseph Ivy told the Jamaica Observer North & East on Wednesday.

Ivy said he lost two cows valued at $450,000 in the heist, which is a common occurrence in the rural community.

“It happened about after 3:00 am, but I discovered it after seven,” Ivy stated.

He said his son was the one who stumbled upon the cows' remains after he noticed crows hovering.

This is not the first time Ivy has been a victim of praedial larceny, which has now reduced his animal count to three.

“This is the second time this happening to me. The first time was last year August. That cost me $200,000, because those were the biggest ones. It's really getting to me now. I feel like I must give up. I was in the hospital and is the money from selling some help pay mi bill,” the man told Observer North & East.

He said he strongly believes that the act is being carried out by people in the community, given its landscape.

“There are people in the area who know what going on. You have some likkle youth in the area, if you just take in how them move, you can know. Dem just map out where you tie dem. If you not from the area you can't know there. Dem a watch yuh but you don't see dem. Some of them have goats and leave them any hours and gone and nobody take them so you can look at that,” Ivy, who has been raising animals for 30 years, said.

“Dem just kill dem leave the belly, and gone. The minister haffi tek a stand 'pon dis, man, or give wi the free access fi kill dem. A right there so it reach now enuh; mi tired of the talking. Mi will bleach fi catch two of dem enuh,” the frustrated livestock farmer said.

Earlier in September thieves stole over a dozen animals from the community.