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St Thomas teachers reject Gov't wage offer

Monday, November 13, 2017

JAMAICA Teachers' Association (JTA) President Georgia Waugh Richards says teachers in St Thomas are furious about the six per cent wage offer presented by Government.

“The offer of six per cent in two years and no movement in allowances, having presented that information to St Thomas this afternoon, the teachers are restive, the teachers are disappointed, and the teachers are angry,” Waugh Richards said at a meeting of the St Thomas Chapter of the JTA on Friday.

This follows a unanimous rejection of the 2017/2019 wage and fringe benefits offer put forward by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service in August.

The teachers called for a boycott of the system after what was being offered was again communicated to them.

“It is expected that right around the country, based on the feedback that we have received from other parishes, that this is going to be the situation around the country,” the JTA president said at the Morant Villas-venued meeting.

A meeting was also held with the JTA's St Mary chapter on Friday.

The JTA said that it will present the offer to other parishes this week and at its general council later this month. The council is then expected to give directions on the next move.