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Tough times at Rocky Point fishing beach

Monday, September 11, 2017

Rocky Point , Clarendon — Fishing boat owner Althea Harriott didn't seem pleased as she tallied freshly arrived fish from the Pedro Cays when the Jamaica Observer Central visited Rocky Point last Thursday.

She soon confirmed first impressions.

“Yes, mi disappointed (in the fish catch). It look like the fish nah flow like one time,” she said.

One fisherman, Clive Ricketts, suggested low returns in recent times may have to do with turbulent weather, including the passage of hurricanes.

“Everything we see in the sea have life, so di fish dem go hide off when storm deh bout,” he said.

Nonetheless, even with lower than expected returns life remainS busy on Rocky Point fishing beach, said Ricketts.

“This is the biggest fishing village; boat a go and boat a come, just like when yu deh a taxi stand an' car a pass,” he said.

Harriott told Observer Central that she was wholesaling fish to her “best customers who with me all the time” at $400 per pound and $450 to others. They would retail for $450 and $500, she said.

“Yu can see nuttin much nuh deh pon it,” she lamented.