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NEPA: Updated provisional development orders on track

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

THE National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) says that it is on track to producing updated provisional development orders for the entire island by March 2018.

A development order is a legal document that sets out the framework, guidelines and policies for planning and development in parishes and communities.

It enables the Local Planning Authority and/or the Town and Country Planning Authority to regulate land developments within the area defined as the development order area.

It is used to secure proper conditions and conveniences and the coordination of roads and public services, protection and extension of amenities, and the conservation and development of the resources of the area.

Addressing a recent JIS Think Tank, manager of the Local Area Planning Division at NEPA, Dwight Williams, explained that 10 development orders have been drafted, with the Kingston and St Andrew and the Pedro Cays, and the St Mary development orders already made provisional in 2017.

The other eight orders — St Catherine, Clarendon, St Elizabeth, Westmoreland, Hanover, St Thomas, St James and Portmore — are with the Jamaica Printing Service offices being prepared to become provisional.

Four development orders were previously done for Portland, Manchester, Trelawny, and Negril/Green Island.

“Prior to these, approximately 60 per cent of the island was not covered by a development order and most of our development orders were dated, so it is very important that we have new development orders created to address issues such as population growth, garbage collection, transportation, and persons living in environmentally sensitive areas,” Williams said.

The manager added that development orders also “address issues for economic growth, look at matters relating to proper sewage disposal; protect agricultural lands, and ensure that we have proper drainage systems and communication networks”.