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Monday, March 20, 2017

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If you are a health enthusiast or a games gizmo, this could be evident in the applications (apps) on your smart phone. Professor of Science and Technology at Cornell University Trevor Pinch determined, by conducting a survey, that there are six archetypes called "appitypes". The six are: ‘appcentric’, ‘appthusiast’, ‘creator’, ‘live wire’, ‘connector’, and ‘apprentice’.

We won’t explore the six ‘appitypes’ today, but Pinch stated that "The intimacy we share with our phones stamps our personality onto them. They know our tastes, our needs and even our secrets. If you ever want to know someone, look at their apps – you may be in for a surprise!"

Apps can be addictive and we learnt that there is a correlation to our personalities. "Appitypes" must focus on applications that are useful and delete apps that they do not need, take up storage space, drain battery life and may be the reason for the slow performance of their phone. It also affects productivity when the app is a distraction from getting any work done.

To optimise our apps and smartphone experience here are a few that we do NOT need:

Apps that give weather updates

It’s good to check on what the weather will be like as you can plan your day around it. Weather apps are constantly updated as they provide continuous information and this drains batteries quickly. It’s best to delete the application and instead Google the day’s forecast.

Apps that claim to save battery life

A battery is a battery in its simplest form. There is no App that can save battery life! These apps can be phishing attempts in disguise so do not download to your phone. If you want to save battery life, one of the ways is to reduce the background light on your phone to a visibility that you can manage.

Unused apps

All smartphones are made with pre-installed apps that can’t be uninstalled. We have no control of those apps, however there are some that we do not use that drain battery life and just use up storage. Each app, in their settings menu, can show you the impact on battery usage and you can delete as you see fit.

As for social media apps, Facebook as a shortcut is good on your smartphone but as an App can be a major distraction. It is also a main battery drainer so if you can do without it, delete it.

Gillian Murray is the marketing officer at tTech Limited. She can be contacted at 656-8467/656-8448 or by email at




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