Ferguson: I don’t support ganja smoking

FERGUSON ... my support would not be for legalisation

MINISTER of Health, Dr Fenton Ferguson has admitted his support for the decriminalisation of ganja (also known as marijuana) from the point of view of justice, but not from a health perspective. "I don't support the smoking of marijuana, just as I don't support the smoking of tobacco. Our position ... Read More

Pastors Paul and Dorrett Clake (left and second left) with their children, daughter Tiffany (centre), son Stephen and his wife Jamie-Lee and their son Joshua. Divorce doesn't have to be an option
LIKE most married couples, pastors Paul and Dorrett Blake had their challenges. The problems got so ... Read More

Sugar-free’dom Sugar-free'dom'
WE are always being told that sugar is bad for us and must be avoided or minimised as much as possib ... Read More

Drink at least six
glasses of water daily
to keep the skin
looking hydrated. Preserving the skin you’re in
MANY people believe that if they take care of the inside, it will show on the outside. However, our ... Read More

Is cancer of the testis real?

Dr Belinda Morrison | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

Is cancer
of the

RECENTLY, a 33-year-old man asked me if men developed cancer of the testis. He was concerned because he had noticed a lump in his scrotum. He had never heard about testicular cancer. DOES TESTICULAR CANCER EXIST? Testicular cancer is quite rare but does exist. Only a few cases are seen in Jamaica annually. IS THERE A RACIAL VARIATION IN THE PRESENTATION OF TESTICULAR CANCER? There is a variation in the incidence of testicular cancer by race and socio-economic class. In the United States, the ... Read More

Getting to know your Kidneys

Dr Romayne Edwards | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

Visitors, in April 2012, look at
the left and right kidneys of a
human body during an
exhibition of the 'Bodies2' at
VAM Design Centre of
Budapest in Hungary.

This is the first in a two-part piece by Dr Romayne Edwards, exploring the reason kidney disease is such a problem. THE kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that lie on either side of the posterior abdominal wall. They rest against the back muscles in the upper abdominal cavity on opposite sides of the spine, with the right kidney lying a bit lower than the left kidney. The kidneys are a vital part of the urinary system with myriad functions, some of which include: * Eliminating waste, such as ... Read More

A you fi shut up, you ugly like, man tells RM Pusey

with Tanesha Mundle | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

A man who had been stalking and blackmailing a woman with nude pictures for the past 10 years, despite going to prison, told off the magistrate after she remanded him in custody when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court recently. "Ga lang whey you ago, yuh ugly like," 48-year-old Dale Stavrose said during his outburst in the court after Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey told him to stop his noise. "Nuh tell me fi stop me noise. A you fi shut up!" he continued. "You know ... Read More

Gov’t settles on 10-year age limit for GCT on used cars

Balford Henry | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

SAMUDA... the Act should be amended to reflect “less than 10
years” instead of “10 years and under

THE Government has decided to increase the age limit of second-hand sale vehicles to which General Consumption Tax (GCT) applies, from eight to 10 years, to earn $26 million in revenue this year. The change, which became effective on April 1, forms part of the $6.6-billion tax package announced by Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr Peter Phillips, in the House of Representatives last Thursday. As Phillips noted, the decision followed extensive discussions at the level of the Special Select C ... Read More

Push out or step out, teachers told

BY ALICIA SUTHERLAND Sunday Observer staff reporter | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

A section of the audience at the Golf View Hotel for the
Catholic College of Mandeville and Saint Mary's University of
Minnesota Spring Conference on day one of the two-day event.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester - Veteran educator, researcher and consultant Pauletta Chevannes has said that teachers who find themselves unable to cope with the demands of the profession should walk away from it. "You have entered what I see as one of the most prestigious and the most demanding professions," Chevannes told an audience of mainly teachers involved in a Master's degree programme done at the privately-run Catholic College in Manchester in partnership with St Mary's University of Minnesot ... Read More

Phillips, Shaw clash over info on Gov’t arrears

With Balford Henry | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

PHILLIPS ... everything that he has asked for that we have,
he will get
SHAW ... I just received a folder from him, but critical pieces
of information are missing
PEART ... Shaw complained to him about lack of information
from Phillips

A row between Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr Peter Phillips and Opposition spokesman Audley Shaw over access to information on Government's arrears, is developing into a major underlying budget issue. Shaw first raised the issue of government's arrears and its impact on the expenditure side of the estimates, during the discussions on the 2013/14 supplementary estimates in March. He raised it again during the Standing Finance Committee's (SFC) deliberations on the 2014/15 budget, durin ... Read More

And the winners are...

Sunday, April 20, 2014    

Challenge winners Ryan Munroe (second left) and Natahlee Baker (second
right) are flanked by (from left) Audrie Allwood, CEO of Fit Farm, lifestyle coach
and fitness expert; Stacey Ann Nielson, Jamaica Observer's marketing officer,
events; and a Gatorade representative. (PHOTO: LIONEL ROOKWOOD)

NATAHLEE Baker and Ryan Munroe will be among the revellers on the Carnival road march next week, after both copped top prizes as the biggest losers in the Fit Farm Carnival Boot Camp Challenge. On Sunday, April 27, they will step out with their new bodies and vitality to match, possessing the endurance to make it to the end of the road march in fine style. A journey that began some six weeks ago, Ryan and Natahlee were among nine hopefuls vying for the chance to be named the biggest losers. Ho ... Read More

Students give blood

Sunday, April 20, 2014    


WE have at some point heard the calls for blood donors and have seen the several blood drives that appear to be staples at most health fairs. Yet, many of us have never donated blood. Maybe we are not healthy enough or are afraid of the very sight of needles, but the simple fact is that there is always a need for blood. Scores of students from several high schools in the Corporate Area, including Immaculate Conception High, Kingston Technical High, St George's College, and Kingston College, rec ... Read More

Stages of Healing

With Dr Chris Davis | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

San Antonio
Spurs' centre
David Robinson
grimaces in pain
after injuring his
left shoulder in
April 2000.

ARE you suffering from nagging, repetitive stress and exacerbation injuries? These are not only frustrating but also debilitating. Repetitive stress injuries are those that keep you from your full potential by limiting your ability to perform at your optimum level - like that agitating shoulder pain you feel almost every time you use your arm. Exacerbations are "re-injuries" that can creep up at any time - for example, that sprained knee or ankle that you thought was just fine until you twiste ... Read More

High-class harlots?

With Tony Robinson | Sunday, April 20, 2014    

High-class harlots?

In the fatness of these pursy times, Virtue itself of vice Must pardon beg. -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, III, 4 Virtue must beg vice pardon in the fatness of these pursy times. And indeed the purses are fat when it comes to certain vices that seem to pay so well. One vice that lures the fatness of the purse is prostitution, and yes, I have touched on the subject before, but I assure you, this time it's a different kettle of fish, as it's a topic that just keeps on giving. Not being judgemental, ... Read More



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