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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Database guru propels local football

Friday, October 07, 2011


A comprehensive Jamaican football database website will be officially launched and it hopes to cover every nook and cranny involving information on anything involving football.

Welcome to the Jamaica Football Database (JFDB) (www.jfdb.info), that will provide sports enthusiasts, agents, coaches, administrators and everyone who has a love for statistics, a complete information centre on Jamaican football.

Michael Blair, creator and mastermind behind the database, thinks this will provide Jamaican and football fans from around world a gateway inside our at their your fingertips.

Blair, also the creator of Jamaica Soccer League (www.jsleague.net) will merge both sites eventually.

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"One of the reasons why I started this site is to assist Jamaica, as a lot of us think that we are so far into football and we are a third world country. Basically, to be a first world country in football we must display what we have," said Blair.

He noted: "We don't have information for players on any other website. It is to get Jamaica, the clubs and the players more exposed to the wide world."

The site is nicely laid out and easy to access. Information is readily available on every player registered in each parish; the number of clubs; the number of players for each parish; information on club administrators, referees and even Jamaican players plying their trade overseas.

"Jamaica Football Database actually gives you details about the players, statistics, transfers, matches results and reports, fixtures and is getting better everyday. It has Facebook and Twitter interaction," noted Blair.

"The site has been done around for three years now but has been redefined and redesign by Verstartech, courtesy of Noel Brown. The expense of this site is endless. It has unlimited amount of information on it," he added.

But for the authenticity of the information on the website, Blair said it is very accurate and trustworthy. "The parish associations have the right to enter all the data, edit and transfer the players within the parish.

"The info is updated by the parish associations which choose to use this site free of cost. The associations used it has their first form of registration," he pointed out.

"It is very useful and it is nice to see the parish associations get on board to help stamp out dishonesty which spoils the fun of football with illegal players.

"We have found more than 40 players playing since the parish association started to cross-check information which include birth certificate for player under the age of 20. These players are found and put on a blacklist," said Blair, a former team manager of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).

A look at the database shows the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) having 8,346 players registered. St Catherine is next with 3,995 and Clarendon, 2,506.

No other parish association has more than 1,000 players registered, with the next best being Portland with 988 players.

The database also revealed that St Catherine has the most clubs registered, 88, while Clarendon has 60 and KSAFA, 42.

More remarkably, information is also available on 138 overseas-based Jamaican players at 185 clubs over the world.

A total of 263 referees are on site as well, with 52 registered to KSAFA and 42 to St Catherine. Hanover has only two.

"The site also shows you the most viewed persons, club or anything; which parish, referee, staff... it's good to know who is watching who," noted Blair.

It has taken Blair hours of his spare time and sometimes time he doesn't have to build a world-class site like this.

As for its sustainability, Blair will depend on the parish associations to provide and update the necessary information as currently, he cannot afford a team to keep it going.

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