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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Christmas is Hair!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Our Under The Dryer team has a special treat in store … Our weekly excursions expose us to ladies with healthy, shiny, beautiful tresses and haircare stories that are well worth sharing. This week's feature focuses on a few of those fabulous ladies.

Here's what we learned.

Sarah Chang — Two tones, Three Dimensions

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Ombré has been de rigueur this year, and we have seen it on the runways with fabrics, shoes, make-up and even hairstyles, but Sarah's 'do takes two-toned to new heights. At first glance, we were greeted by a soft, feminine baby-blonde hue in the front that complements her bright smile and cropped 'do. From behind, we saw a beautiful raven bob with tiny auburn flecks. But what of the lateral view? That's another look entirely… this angle creates the full impact of her two-toned hair colour. The stark contrast is well balanced… edgy, yet oddly enough, sophisticated. With two tones, three dimensions and a radiant smile to bring it all together, we admire Sarah's bravado and can safely say that her unconventional 'do is a definite win.

Cherane Hamilton — Beach-sexy Waves

When our Under The Dryer team spotted Cherane's tousled, freeflowing waves at a recent tree-lighting ceremony held at Mall Plaza, Half-Way-Tree, we just had to get the ‘deets’ on her beachsexy look. In a matter of minutes we found out that while she does have a trusty stylist — Carol in Liguanea Post Mall — whom she visits occasionally, for the most part, she creates her own hairstyles. As for this flirty 'do, she did it herself (gasp), in the comfort of her home. Indeed, a little water and hair moisturiser go a long way, and the best part is you can do it too. Here's how you can recreate Cherane's tousled glam.

How to do it:

Mist your hair lightly with water, work a dollop of moisturiser through your tresses, plait while wet and loosen while dry. You may also opt to skip the moisturiser and instead mist with an oil sheen spray upon drying to complete the look.

Cherane's Take:

“I have actually received a number of negative comments about the look… people seem to think that it's not corporate enough for my job or for my personality, but I love it! It doesn't take a long time to do, it's edgy and it can last for a while without looking too untamed.”

Why we love it:

This flirty, fun 'do gives an instant boost to her demeanour and makes her overall look more interesting. It helps, too, that her touchable, beach-sexy waves are highly favoured by celebs around the world.

Tahnida Nunes — Lustrous Locks

In an age where our Jamaican society is now beginning to fully embrace the beauty and versatility of dreadlocks, enter Tahnida Nunes, who has been wearing her gorgeous locks for 30 years. As a child, her mother would take care of the grooming, while in her adolescent years her friends assisted with the task, and now she can do it all — shampooing, colouring with a rinse, tightening, you name it, she does it. Here are a few of her haircare secrets.

Her haircare regimen:

“I shampoo my hair once every two or three weeks with either TRESemmé or Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner, I use a black rinse to colour my hair twice yearly and otherwise I just leave it alone and let it blossom on its own. I don't really style it much either, I would like to but I have a lot of hair and it's heavy, so I usually just let it down, wear it in a ponytail or plait it and then loosen the plaits for a nice wavy look. I also drink a lot of water every day.”

Products she swears by:

“I use the African Pride line of products because I think it's great, and it works for my hair. I especially love the Shea Butter Hairdress and the Hairdressing Liquid.”

Why we love it:

Lustre, body, health and strength with on-trend appeal… what's not to love? Tahnida's locks are simply stunning.

Judith Hartley — A cut that works

If it's not broken, why fix it? And if it works perfectly fine, why bother to change it? Judith Hartley, a store manager at Ammar's who has been wearing her voluminous pixie cut for years, holds these sentiments. She loves the look because it is easy to maintain and it suits her. Plus, her knowledgeable stylist — Alice Lord of Curls & More Beauty Salon on Inner City Plaza, East Queen Street, downtown Kingston has helped her maintain the look for almost 20 years now. She admitted to our Under The Dryer team that though she has tried other stylists over the years, “The finish is just not the same”, so it is easy to understand why her loyalty lies with Alice.

About her stylist:

Alice knows what she is doing, she is very good at haircare and she gives a mean haircut. I have tried other stylists over the years, just to see what the outcome would be and the finish is just not the same. They also seem very uncertain, as if they're not quite sure how to proceed with my hair. I just can't deal with that.”

Judith's Take:

“It's very convenient, I can curl it myself and just stick in a few rollers around sides and tie it at nights. I don't even have to do much to it — I just use regular hair oils and Dark & Lovely moisturiser as my hair is very strong. I also visit Alice to get it processed, cut and dyed oncemonthly, and on special occasions I do it myself. I love it!”

We certainly love it too.

Natalee Hines-Wedderburn — Pixie, Please!

A pretty, layered pixie cut is the style of choice for Natalee, and she loves it because it complements her features and works well for a corporate look. She also loves to experiment with colours, such as the warm ginger hue that she currently sports. For her, healthy hair and expert haircare is a must, and she credits her long-time hairstylist Shawn Remikie of Savannah Plaza for keeping her tresses “healthy, stylish and corporate at the same time”. She visits her quite often for routine relax, treatment and styling jobs, and told our team that she would basically be lost without her capable stylist. Here's why we love her cropped 'do.

Why it works:

The warm red-brown layers expertly frame her face in the front and taper gracefully in the back to highlight her complexion, as well as her brown eyes. The overall look is clean and corporate, yet trendy, and the colouring gives it a bit of a fun feel that works well for Natalee's business-like deportment.

Yendi Phillipps — Of Glamour and Grace

As the winner of the coveted Miss Jamaica World and Universe titles, as well as first runner-up in the Miss Universe pageant held in Las Vegas earlier this year, Yendi Phillipps is a beauty icon for many, and we can certainly see why. Her effortless style is undeniable, and her carriage speaks volumes. She sauntered gracefully into the venue at Mall Plaza Thursday last for the inaugural tree-lighting ceremony of 'A Christmas Festival of Savings — Come Shop, Come Save' and we were instantly blown away. But it was her glamorous updo that really caught oureyes.

The Look:

A large, fluffy bun at the crown with a sleek and shiny finish.

How she did it:

“I just gathered my hair into a ponytail at the top of my head, put a large bangle over the hairclip and folded my hair around it gently before securing it with pins and voilà! A nice updo.”

Her stylist Delsha Hyman of Delsha's, Princeville Plaza usually takes good care of her tresses, but on occasions, Yendi prefers to handle things herself, and admits that she is quite good at it too. We especially love the way her full brows, lush lashes, bright red lips and youthful glow (all of which are this year's must-have looks) allow the hairstyle to pop even more.

Joanne Bell — Bob-licious

They say 'tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with a fabulous new 'do to suit your festive mood? Joanne certainly got the memo and visited her expert stylist Roxanne Shields of Roxanne's for a chic new look just a few days ago. We've been told by a number of fashionable femmes that for a 'killer blowout', 'fabulous cut' or 'convenient' Keratin treatment, Roxanne is the person for the job. If Joanne's bob-licious look is anything to go by, her reputation is unquestionably well earned. Here's why we think Joanne's new look rocks.

Why we love it:

The rich brown hue adds instant warmth to her skin tone, while the sideswept bangs brushed sweetly behind the ear gives a feeling of youthfulness to the look. We also love the just-right length of the chinlevel tresses, which creates an on-trend, ultra-feminine appeal that works well for the contours of her face. Très chic!

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