Applauding It with students from John Mills

On Tuesday, November 6, students from John Mills Infant, Primary & Junior High School and their assistant vice-principal Marcia Ennis were invited to lunch by CEO and managing director of NCB Insurance Company Limited Vernon James. As the students filed into the clubhouse of the NCB... Read More

An Applaud it! Luncheon with NCB Foundation
Tuesday, November 13 was a special day for 16 primary school students from Pembroke Hall, Duhaney Park, Shortwood Practicing and St Anne's primary schools. They had a special luncheon hosted for them by NCB Foundation in the executive boardroom of The Atrium. The luncheon was a part of...... Read More

A Lunch Worthy of Applause
There's a reason that the Terra Nova All-Suite hotel is multi-award winning. Whether you're a hotel guest or having a family dinner in one of the restaurants or a busy exec squeezing in after-work drinks with colleagues, or a student of Tivoli Gardens High School, you'll encounter true...... Read More

The Importance Of Water Quality In Food Safety
We've all heard the phrase “water is life”. And why wouldn't it be when our bodies are made up of 60% water; the Earth itself having 71%? We are told that we should ensure we drink eight glasses a day in order to regulate our daily bodily functions, but what about our food?...... Read More

Raising a glass to Salut!

Thursday, November, 15 2018    

Close to 300 guests of the Jamaica Observer Limited delighted in 45 wines from five purveyors inside the Worthington at the Spanish Court Hotel on Monday, November 12, to celebrate Salut! 2018. Tai Flora Luxe transformed the Worthington into an upscale lounge (think: Nikki Beach) where... Read More

Mucho Picante!

Thursday, November, 8 2018    

There may currently be a shortage of Scotch bonnets as the 2018 Jamaica Food & Drink Festival turned the heat up on Friday, October 26, with Picante. The event promised guests food brimming with “hot, zesty flavour”, and those with higher pain thresholds were in heaven. Read More

Applaud It! — a Delicious Fifth Year

Thursday, November, 8 2018    

Seventeen CARIMAC students were treated to a gourmet three-course luncheon to kick- off the fifth annual Jamaica Observer Limited Applaud It! luncheon series. The week-long event gives industry leaders the opportunity to break bread with the next generation while exposing them to social... Read More

Food Fraud: Do you get what you pay for?

Marshalee Valentine | Thursday, November, 8 2018    

So we've heard the news reports about horse meat being marketed as beef, plastic rice being sold and even donkey meat being found in restaurants here in Jamaica. In 2008, there were reports of infant formula being adulterated with melamine — a chemical increasing the protein... Read More


Thursday, November, 8 2018    

The Terra-Nova All-Suite Hotel has had a long-standing relationship with Tivoli Gardens High School. For the past few years home economics teachers have invited chefs from the hotel to conduct cooking demonstrations for the students. So, for Terra Nova managing director Ruth Hussey and... Read More

VIDEO: Salut! The Great West India Supper

Thursday, November, 8 2018    

It was a week packed with eating. The 2018 Jamaica Food & Drink Festival allowed participants to eat their fill of pork, partake of a superb seven-course wine-paired dinner, experiment with Asian food “with a twist”, wash down crispy morsels with delicious beer, test... Read More

Creative Asian Fare at Chopstix

Thursday, November, 1 2018    

There's something that food writers often develop called sensory enervation aka palate fatigue. This happens when a person tastes a multitude of comparable products consecutively and gets to the point of being, as the kids say, “over it”. This can happen at coffee cuppings,... Read More


Thursday, November, 1 2018    

Five-hundred patrons travelled downtown to the Urban Development Corporation's Festival Marketplace on Wednesday, October 25, to eat crisp fare and drink a lot of beer. Crisp, the 2018 Jamaica Food & Drink Festival's fourth-night event, saw eight chefs and caterers keeping a crowd of... Read More

Exploring the Icons and Outer Limits with Montes

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, November, 1 2018    

Encouraging wine enthusiasts to expand their wine choices is a hobby of mine. Many new wine drinkers understandably prefer sweeter, more fruit-forward wines. However, after they “graduate” in a couple of years I do my best to introduce them to the vast world of choices from... Read More

Walkerswood Appoints Jamaican-Born Food Network Star as Brand's Culinary Ambassador

Thursday, November, 1 2018    

Walkerswood, Jamaica's flavour empire for over 30 years, signalled its commitment to boosting gastronomic tourism opportunities in Jamaica with the appointment of world-renowned chef Wenford Patrick Simpson as the brand's official culinary ambassador at a ceremony at the Walkerswood... Read More

Meet & Drink at JFDF 2018 Meet Street & The Market

Thursday, November, 1 2018    

“Dem sell out! Don't come,” boomed a voice into a mobile phone. “But me a carry pork fi you”, the voice went on to console. Such was the scene at the 2018 Jamaica Food & Drink Festival (JFDF) Meet Street & The Market event. Four thousand people flocked to... Read More


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