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Politeness pays

CUSTOMERS don't typically call security firms to say a guard “made my day”; but that's the kind of feedback that Milex Security Services constantly gets about officer Michael Evans. Read More

Parents can help children improve their maths skills
It is unfortunate that many students find mathematics challenging since, at least at the secondary level, it is usually compulsory for advancement in school, and is often required in the workplace.... Read More

Some 300 to be awarded Rio Tinto scholarships, bursaries
Some 300 agriculture students from secondary, tertiary and vocational institutions are this year slated to receive scholarships and bursaries valued at $23.5 million through the Rio Tinto Legacy Fund.... Read More

$29.2 million in scholarships for police kids
Eighty-three children of active and deceased police officers below the rank of inspector were on Thursday presented with scholarships in the sum of $29.2 million from the Ministry of National Security to pursue tertiary studies this academic year.... Read More


BY KIMONE THOMPSON Associate editor — features thompsonk@jamaicaobserver.com | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

IMAGINE needing to start a business but all you have in hand is $1,000. (Yes, you read right: one thousand Jamaican dollars). What venture would you pursue? Would you even bother, considering that the sum — which amounts to lunch money for a day or two — attracts 25 per cent... Read More

This means war!

with Debra Fraser | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

IN these tense political times, with the set-up of police/military checkpoints in several Jamaican towns and the threat of World War III on the global stage, leaders in general, and HR professionals in particular, ought to be mindful of the negative influence that local and foreign... Read More

Glasgow-UWI reparation project begins

Sunday, January, 12 2020    

The historic Glasgow-Caribbean Centre for Development Research, a joint initiative of The University of the West Indies (The UWI) and the University of Glasgow, has begun its work, UWI announced on Wednesday.  Read More

What is STEM?

Sunday, January, 12 2020    

Many people are talking about the benefits of STEM education, but what is STEM and why is it important? Read More

PISA 2018 results (Vol III) — What school life means for students' lives

Sunday, January, 12 2020    

A positive school climate is one of those things that is difficult to define and measure, but everyone — including parents — recognises it when they see it. The state of the school's facilities, the tone of the conversations in corridors, the enthusiasm of the school staff... Read More

So many career options, which do I choose?

Carolyn Marie Smith | Sunday, January, 12 2020    

Dear Career Advisor:I will resume school in a few days. I am making very good progress, but truthfully, I do not know what career path to pursue. There are many career options to which my programme can lead, and in addition, I find I have several other interests. Read More

Offer accredited language teaching to all students, says report

Sunday, January, 12 2020    

Universities in the UK should consider offering language modules to all students in exchange for credits towards their degree as a way to boost the subject in higher education, a new report suggests. Read More

Green entrepreneur on the rise

Sunday, January, 5 2020    

Founder of ReBuild, Zara Harris, has formulated a novel way of utilising discarded plastics in the construction of environmentally friendly, heat-resistant tiles and pavers. Read More

New year, new vocab

Sunday, January, 5 2020    

Symbolic of new beginngs in many ways, a new year is the perfect opportunity to dust the cobwebs off that vocabulary that hasn't been updated for the past 10 years and add some fresh words and phrases that will be sure to impress your colleagues at the office, your... Read More

Young St Elizabeth farmer wins multiple accolades

Sunday, January, 5 2020    

What began as a dream for his parents has blossomed into reality and the root of a long-standing family tradition for 23-year-old Kemoy McKenzie. Read More

Encouraging self-belief this new year

Karla Hylton | Sunday, January, 5 2020    

The new year, pregnant with its promises, hopes, dreams, and aspirations, is the perfect time to encourage our children to believe in themselves and what they are capable of achieving. Read More


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