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  • Dads get the baby blues too

     THE birth of a child can be an emotional roller-coaster ride for most new parents. We have heard countless stories of post-partum depression experienced by new mothers, in...

  • Preventing preterm labour

     A normal pregnancy lasts nine months, or about 37 – 40 weeks. However, pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty, including the possibility of preterm labour and birth.

  • When pneumonia hits

    CONSISTENT coughing, fever, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite, vomiting and sometimes cold chills could just be signs of the common cold or of infuenza. And while this may be the case,...

  • Corneal abrasion in children

     AN eye injury during play is quite common, and any number of things could cause them. One of the more common of these injuries is corneal abrasion. This, according to paediatrician...

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