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  • When your child steals

    MOST parents want their children to be perfect little princes and princesses — well mannered, kind, compassionate, empathetic, and certainly having values and morals. Unfortunately, regardless of the principles...

  • Slapped cheek syndrome

    SLAPPED cheek syndrome, also known as 'fifth disease' or erytherma infectiosum, is a viral infection caused by the Parvovirus B19 virus. Although it affects anyone at any age, it is more commonly seen in children and...

  • Photo: Happy birthday Iyanna

    Happy birthday to Queen Iyanna. It has been five years of fun and happiness. May God continue to guide and keep you beautiful. Love from mommy, aunts, uncles and cousins.

  • Curbing pacifier dependency

    WHETHER it is to calm a screaming baby or to lull him to sleep, many parents rely on the pacifier. And while this soother may seem harmless, paediatrician Dr Anona Griffith at Gateway Plaza, Old Harbour, points out...

  • Resist the urge to compare your kids

    EVERY child is different, and it's only natural that parents will notice these differences. But it is unwise to keep comparing your child to his siblings or friends. In fact, clinical psychologist Dr Pearnel Bell...

  • Back to school

    These little ones are ringing in the new school year with a bang.

  • Ototoxicity in children

    WITH all pharmaceutical drugs there are risks of side effects, some with the potential to cause serious after-effects and wreak havoc on even unrelated parts of the body. One known complication of drug use is...

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