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  • Summertime by T&T Fashions

    Take fashion inspiration as you ready for Sumfest from T&T Fashions and Kadian Nicely. Fashion: T&T Fashions and Kadian NicelyStylist: Kadeem Rodgers

  • Hardy Beads

    I n the same way the caterpillar achieves full metamorphosis from its chrysalis, so too has 21 year-old Toni-Ann Hardy, principal of Khrysalis Jewellery Supply Company, broken free from her own set...

  • The Woman in SHE

    For over six years, Aviola Accessories designer Melissa Preddie has created with women in mind. Her pieces, upcycled from recyclable materials, are eye-catching, lightweight and inexpensive.

  • Regal in RÍve

    The brother-sister duo of Duane and Teasea Bennett used the Saint International Style Week Jamaica 2019 platform to unveil 'RÍve'lation: the ZAHIR 2020 collection. Designed by RÍve's master goldsmith Duane Bennett,...

  • Africa — Where The Heart Is

    Ashenafi Abayomi and Sentwali Amen-Ra are the design duo behind the Afro-centric jewellery line Siwatu Jewellery.

  • Flirt Turns

    Flirt Boutique turned 10 on Thursday, May 30. Acknowledging its decade-long tenure, the company's managing director Jennifer Azan expressed her heartfelt gratitude in achieving the milestone. “I never thought...

  • Marcia Adams' Beauty Lies Within

    Marcia Adams' Beauty Lies Within is the moniker for a collection of eccentric jewellery. The timeless pieces, crafted by hand by novice jewellery designer Marcia Adams, aren't just eye-catching, they're functional as...

  • Peoples is Bajan Soul

    “Peoples From Barbados is understated luxury... Peoples From Barbados is Caribbean Flair... but, most of all, Peoples From Barbados is embedded with an authentic Bajan identity, called Bajan Soul.”...

  • Pack Light: Travel Essentials via Lee's

    The Christmas windows at Lee's Fifth Avenue in Tropical Plaza have become a much-anticipated feature of holiday shopping in Kingston, more so for window shoppers. Less well known, but just as fabulous, are Lee's...


    Saint International hosted its annual Fashion Face of the Caribbean (FFC) and Avant Garde Designer of the Year competitions at the Courtleigh Auditorium on Friday, March 29, and Saturday, March 30.

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