What your outfits say about you

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YOUR style of dressing can tell your achievements in life, your profession, your religious affiliation or even your psychological state.

Transformational coach and motivational speaker Caleen Diedrick explained what certain modes of dressing may indicate.

Black or dark colours

“People who are always wearing dark colours or black might be rebelling against their family or society,” she explained. “They tend to be very guarded, emotional and controlled. They might also be going through a period of grieving and shutting themselves away to heal, or they might just be trying to create an air of mystery about themselves.”

Bright colours

“People who wear bright colours tend to be full of life and keen on pushing the boundaries. They are said to be very outgoing, playful and adventurous.”

Short, revealing clothes

“People who wear short, revealing clothes all the time tend to have very low self-esteem and believe that only their bodies can get them the attention they crave,” Diedrick said. “Some might have been victims of sexual abuse or molestation and have become hyper sexualised.”

Always covered up

Diedrick said people who are always covered up tend to be very guarded emotionally and shut persons out. They are sometimes suffering from guilt over past happenings.

“They might be covering physical flaws that cause major insecurities,” Diedrick said. “They might be suppressing their femininity because they think it is a sign of weakness. They might even have been the victim of sexual abuse or molestation.”

Wearing stilettos

“Ladies who wear stilettos all the time love attention,” Diedrick explained. “They believe it makes them very feminine. They might also feel powerful and a match for their male counterparts.”

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