What’s your date night ritual?

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Is it Netflix and chilling, playing games, or just hanging out watching TV? What’s your date night ritual?

My man and I enjoy gambling. It gives us time to unwind and have a good laugh. Sometimes we head for the board games and even invite some other couples over.

Netflix is definitely what my man and I do every Sunday evening. We just bring up a movie we think we will both enjoy, get some food, and enjoy each other’s company.

We just turn on some nice music and we lie on the floor and talk. Sometimes we order pizza, but it is our little way of keeping our friendship afloat and ensuring the relationship remains solid.

We do games' night every Saturday and so far it has been a great time to have fun and be silly. We basically let down our hair and just be crazy. I do believe in date nights as it is a great way to tighten our bond and really get to know and appreciate who we really are.

This will sound childish, but we play games like hide and seek, go-fish, and dominoes. We just have our time where it is just us and we lock out the world. To be honest, it is actually better than spending money eating out. We are even greater in our own world. More couples should see the benefit of fooling and goofing around.

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