What if he bugged your phone?

By Miss Kes

Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Technology is a tool that is steering our lives, but how far is too far when it drives you into stalker mode?
How would you react if your man bugged your cellphone?
I would be extremely upset. That is telling me that he clearly doesn’t trust me which means our relationship is on the rocks.

I am not crazy but it would show that he is jealous and I personally cannot be with someone who is not a bit jealous of me. I mean even God is jealous. I am not supporting “stalkership”, I am just saying my man did it when we initially dated and he saw there was nothing to see and now we are engaged to be married in a few months.

If my man tried that, I would be considering a breakup. That is crazy behaviour. I can understand jealousy, but bugging my phone is invading my privacy which is a clear indication that he has no trust for me. A relationship without trust makes no sense to me.

I really hate technology these days. Things like that is crossing the line.




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