Trusting your gut

By Miss Kes

Friday, April 14, 2017

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The sixth sense or gut feeling is what many people rely on in their decision making process. Many will tell you that if something feels wrong in your gut, something is off. But should you use this gut feeling to determine things like whether your relationship is doomed to failure, or whether your partner is faithful or not?
I believe totally in the gut feeling. Usually when I feel like something is wrong with my child or that my child is in danger, it is always true, so yes, I would definitely use it in my relationship. If I am with someone and I feel like something is not right, I am confronting that person. I have no time to waste so I am trusting what God gave to me – my heart.

I am not sure to be honest because women are emotional so the least little thing happens, we think the man is cheating and sometimes that man is faithful to the core. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to trust something that is led by emotions.

I have trusted my gut and it was correct. For years I felt my husband was having an affair but I had no evidence because he was always home and making love to me almost every night. He took care of me and our kids so I had no idea where the feeling came from, but it was there. I told him straight up after one year of feeling he was cheating and he confessed that he had an affair with a woman young enough to be my child.  Ladies, trust your gut!




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