The importance of intimacy

By Miss Kes

Saturday, March 11, 2017

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There are many listed benefits of sexual activity shared online in relationship-building forums and in literature. Yes, too much of anything can lead to a problem, but so too can seldom done or none at all.
How important is sex in your relationship?
Sex is extremely important in my relationship as a man. Men think about that almost right through the day, so if a woman thinks it is not all that important, she has signed up for the wrong relationship.

Men desire sex 99 per cent of the time and so I have to condition my mind a certain way to understand this fact and accommodate my man. Sometimes I don’t want sex, to be honest, but I still do it because I know he likes it and I don’t want him to get it elsewhere.

Sex is not all that important in a relationship. Bills have to be paid and love and sex can’t take you to the supermarket and put a roof over your head. There is more to life than sex and I am tired of these men and their addiction to sex. As you meet a man these days, he is asking which position you like. Like chill! The only position I love is the being BOSS over my life!

It is important but if the truth be told, you could give a man all the sex he wants and he will still cheat. So if you are basing the health of your relationship on how frequently you are having sex or how great of a pleasure you get having sex with that person, that’s not enough. Centre your relationship on love, chemistry, respect and loyalty.




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