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If you want to be all the woman you can be; if you want to be a better lover, a better parent, a better financial taskmaster and a healthier person, you need to make some sacrifices.

Resolutions are passé — action, true action and true satisfaction will come from setting challenges for yourself, setting timelines, and making them work.

Over the past several weeks, since the start of the new year, All Woman has been bringing you a set of challenges, approved by our experts, that are designed to change your life.

This week we give you the final set of challenges, as you strive to make this year better than the last.

ASSIGNMENT: Play with your children

Although you might have to be putting in long hours on the job or taking on more than one occupation to finance your household, try and spare some time to play with your child this week.

"Play is one of the ways children learn about their environment, learn about their place in the world, and learn to negotiate with other people around them," said educator Dr Rebecca Tortello.

"This may involve a visit to a park where the family will be engaged in games such as football, dandy shandy, ring games, or perhaps a games night at home," she said.

ASSIGNMENT: Open a bank account or join a savings scheme

It's always good to put away money for a rainy day or so that you can amass a lump sum of cash to finance a future goal. Opening a bank account or joining a regulated savings scheme is a good way to do so.

The money put aside can replace your income during retirement, especially if you were not part of a pension plan.

"Although cash is tight in today's economy, if you delay putting aside some of your money for your retirement needs, it will only cause you more financial distress in the future," advised money coach Cherryl Hanson-Simpson.

ASSIGNMENT: Have at least one fruit daily for this week

Jamaica is blessed with an abundance of fruits that have the essential nutrients that our bodies crave. Despite this, the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute pointed out that more than 98 per cent of the population doesn't adhere to the general recommendation of having two to three servings of fruits daily and three to five servings of vegetables as part of a balanced meal.

This week try and have at least one fruit each day. Because fruits are in abundance, you can choose to have it for breakfast, lunch or along with your dinner or as a snack. You can have one fruit or you can combine a few of them to make a colourful and nutritious fruit salad or make a smoothie to cool you down.

ASSIGNMENT: Walk away from an abusive relationship

If you are displeased with your current relationship because you are being physically or verbally abused, then try and summon the courage to walk away.

This will no doubt give you peace of mind or possibly extend your life.

"A woman may remain in an abusive relationship on the grounds that she believes that the man beats her because he loves her. But she obviously is living in a state of denial and refuses to accept the reality of the situation," said relationship expert Wayne Powell, while noting that such a person could be suffering from low self-esteem.

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