Men tell why they cheated


Sunday, March 05, 2017

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THE fellow in the #hurtbae video has received a lot of flak for his demeanour throughout the very popular online stream where he seeks to justify why he cheated on his ex-girlfriend. People were outraged that he showed no remorse, even while his ex broke down and cried because she had loved him.

Cheating has become a staple in many relationships, and when confronted, there are some who have expressed remorse. Others felt solace in having some justification for being unfaithful.

Below men tell why they cheated, and whether they feel or felt any remorse.

Shawn, 37:

I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing. I regret that night because I hurt my girlfriend and she ended things.

Kevin, 30:

I cheated because she waited too long to go to the next level with me. I don’t regret it. I wasn’t really fond of her.

Carl, 40:

I cheated because I thought she couldn’t get pregnant. I regret it because it turns out that she can have children, but she was taking the necessary precautions. She was a great person.

Mikhail, 24:

I cheated because she wasn’t moving right. She wasn’t giving me any attention. She was lying to me, but I didn’t have proof until after we broke up. I don’t regret it, because she cheated on me too.

Dwayne, 33:

I cheated because I heard that she had someone on the side. It was my worst mistake, because it wasn’t true. People were trying to break us up.




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