How I got revenge on my ex


Sunday, March 12, 2017

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EVEN if it’s a fleeting thought, we’re all guilty of wondering how to exact revenge on an ex who has wronged us. And while many of us have only thought about it, there are others who have found the courage to use extreme tactics to hurt their exes in some way.

Some of these brave individuals shared with All Woman what revenge looks like when served cold.

Michelle, 31, insurance agent:

We had gone through a rough patch and were taking time apart. Then I found out he wasn’t trying to change and maybe was even more into his games just around the time I was going to take him back. Anyway, he told my friend to fish around to see if I would marry him, and I told my friend I would accept his marriage proposal, and found out where he planned to pop the question. Then I came up with a plan to provide proof of what he did to me so that our family and friends could see what he was up to. (They thought he was perfect and talked as though he could do no wrong.) All this evidence I showed after he had poured his heart out and offered me his ring. Of course I said no. That was about six years ago.

Danielle, 28, store clerk:

I minced up his PlayStation or whatever that video game was and the game CDs that were in the bag he left at my house. He broke my heart, so something for him had to be broken too, and I couldn’t catch him to break him up, so I did the next best thing. I hope he can put them back together because I am here trying to ‘unbreak’ and mend my heart.

Michael, 36, entrepreneur:

After I basically picked this girl up and made her — you know, helped her to realise her beauty and potential, she ended up leaving because we "couldn’t communicate well enough". So since she still wanted to be "friends" I invited her out to an upscale restaurant uptown, much like the ones I would often take her to while we were together. Anyway, I listened to her sorry stories, I ate dishes I had never eaten before, and I encouraged her to do the same. By the second item, I know I was already nearing 17 grand, and I ate some more. I ordered expensive wine and in the middle of my second dessert I asked to be excused, turned off my phone and left. Don’t ask me how many dishes she had to wash, because I don’t know. I have blocked her on every medium possible, and I have refused to listen to any pleas that our mutual friends tried to make.

Kim, 38, housekeeper:

After my second child, not even four weeks properly, this man was cussing me about how my body had changed. I knew this was because he wanted to go to his other women. I couldn’t deal with the verbal abuse anymore and I just said to him, "Go if you want to, just make sure that your kids eat." Anyway, I met another man and I started to glow. He gives me everything for my comfort, and not even the kids want for anything. I am also going back to evening classes and I have my own little car and stuff, and I am doing well. God worked it out for me, and now my ex is begging me to take him back.

Jessica, 23, cosmetologist:

Well, I slept with his best friend. Oh yes, and the friend was better than him. If I was thinking about it rationally, though, I wouldn’t do it because you are not supposed to do anything that causes you to degrade yourself to prove your point to a man. I also told the guy some of his secrets, including things he had said about him. I don’t even know if they communicate now.




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