Exercising was a challenge but Kerri-Ann lost 30 lbs

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Name: Kerri-Ann Lewis

Marital status: Single

Occupation: Singer

Height: 5'4"

Starting weight: 195lbs

Current weight: 165lbs

Goal weight: 140lbs

1. What was your turning point?

In October of last year, a friend looked at me and said he realised I was putting on weight and suggested I really try to lose it. I had never crossed over 200lbs and did not want to, so I contacted my instructor and made arrangements for him to begin training me.

2. What lifestyle changes did you make?

I avoided fried and fatty foods, minimised my sugar usage, avoided alcohol, exercised regularly, and dieted.

3. How long did it take for you to start seeing results?

Within two weeks

4. What were the challenges you had to face?

Exercising was a challenge as I was never persistent with it initially. I don't really enjoy running especially, but I've begun to manage a lot better than before.

5. How has your life changed since losing the weight?

Singing wise, I am able to breathe better, hold my notes longer and when I am dancing on stage, I realise that I am not quickly running out of breath or losing energy. Otherwise, my confidence has been heightened and I've begun exercising even more.

6. What is your new comfort food?

Veggie chunks.

7. What would be your weight loss advice to our readers?

1. Get a proper trainer, one who knows what he/she is doing and who knows how to help you to get to your target goal. Don't question their judgment as they are in the profession to help you accomplish your goal.

2. Get proper rest.

3. Diet.

4. Exercise regularly.

Kerri-Ann's meal plan:

"My meal plan was designed for me to assist specifically with weight loss and is therefore subjected to change," she says.

Breakfast: Nestle Fitness Cereal/ Yogurt/Fruits

Lunch: Fruits/Caesar Salad

Dinner: Tuna Sandwich/Soup

Snack: Granola bar

Kerri-Ann's fitness routine

"As mentioned before, I was working out with a fitness instructor so his routine changed from time to time. We did lounges, squats, hikes, various abdominal exercises, push ups, sit ups etc."

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