'Women have come a far way'

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All Woman writer Denise Dennis this past week hit the streets to hear from locals on the progress of Jamaica's women over the last five decades, asking: 'Are you satisfied with the strides Jamaican women have made over the past 50 years?' (Photos: Marlon Reid)

Sandra Thompson, unemployed

"I am satisfied because women run things now and women have been taking over male positions. So yes, women have been doing well over the years.

Barrington McLean, Minister of religion

"Yes. I think women have contributed significantly to the growth and development of Jamaica over the last 50 years. For example, our present prime minister is a female and when you look in the House of Parliament, there are many female politicians. Women have been holding their own in society so they have contributed significantly. This nation has been blessed to have had so many women who have contributed to the development of Jamaica.

Lamoi Watson, high school graduate

Women are more sophisticated than men right now and they are in some jobs that men are not in and as far as I am concerned [the roles have changed] and women are the top class.

Mary Ford, cosmetologist

Yes, absolutely. I wasn't born at that time, but from the information I have come across, I think we have come a far way and I just hope we can continue on that trend by making it known through schools how far our ancestors are coming from.

K'alee, professional singer

Yes, I am satisfied. We have more women starting their own businesses; I grew up seeing women as managers and a lot more of them are becoming CEOs and directors now. I think that's a good thing.

Elroy Senior, self-employed

Yes, man; women have come a very far way. Plus, they are very strong because most of us grew up with single parent mothers; with them having to be the mother and the father.

Kymani Davis, photographer

Yes, because women are supposed to have the right for a lot of things and they have greater opportunities now to get through with certain things. I have to give them a 100 per cent clap to continue.

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