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Vows - Destination: Love

Mr and Mrs Samson Tirfagnehu are joined by members of their immediate family.

How They Met... True love is often said to prevail through all challenges, bringing together two destined hearts regardless of race, religion or cultural background. So starts the globe-trotting love story of New York-born Samson Tirfagnehu and his Jamaican belle, Jodi-Kay Watson, as they shared wi ... Read More

Identifying, preventing Chikungunya Identifying, preventing Chikungunya in your child
The Chikungunya virus is transmitted to children through mosquito bites. The virus is spread when mo ... Read More

Model: Salayha
Brissett Raising brainiacs
WHEN preparing or buying food for your young child, it is important that you include foods which wil ... Read More

Your pregnancy: 10 early signs
There are some tell-tale signs that indicate that you are pregnant, some you will notice even before ... Read More

Should you pierce your baby's ears?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014    

Should you pierce
your baby’s ears?

THERE are a number of reasons parents decide to have their daughters' ears pierced. Two of the most common reasons are personal preference and simply to identify the baby as a girl. Piercing a baby's ears is a cultural practice, and though many mothers will remember having their ears pierced with ice, rubbing alcohol and a sewing needle, doctors insist that it should be done by a professional, and with the proper antiseptic. While some parents feel it is better to pierce the ears while the chi ... Read More

Things I regret doing for my ex

BY DONNA HUSSEY-WHYTE | Monday, September 15, 2014    

YOU'LL know that what you did was questionable, when you can look back at a past relationship and cringe at some of the 'acts of love' you did in an effort to please or keep your mate. If you can now admit to standing as guarantor time and time again for his payday loans; working outside in the boiling sun to wash his ride while he slept like a baby in the living room; or allowing him to drive your car to pick up his baby's mother while you took the bus to work, rest assured, you are not alone. ... Read More

Short men make better husbands but...

Monday, September 15, 2014    

BEING the runt of the litter means that short men are many times overcompensating for their lack of height with wonderful personalities, and many women will tell you that compared to other men, short men are more inclined to be eager to please, as they seek to compete against their taller counterparts. Thus short men in relationships are many times more honest, caring and less likely to cheat, making them ideal partners. And a new study, From Assortative to Ashortative Coupling: Men's Height, H ... Read More

Claudia Barrows - Life at a funeral

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, September 15, 2014    

The ‘girl with the black jeep’.(Photos: Bryan Cummings)

AFTER a stressful week at work, many women unwind by spending time with family and friends. But not Claudia Barrows. At the end of her week as an accountant, she suits up and moves to her new role -- as public relations officer and hearse driver for Jones Funeral Home and Supplies -- a weekend job which sees her also bringing joy to the family of the dead, through song. "I totally tossed in my Saturdays and Sundays to conduct these thanksgiving services. My job allows me to know several places ... Read More

Who is really the other woman?

With Wayne Powell MA Counselling Psychology Relationship Counsellor | Monday, September 15, 2014    

Dear Counsellor, I have been in a relationship for three years now. I recently discovered that my boyfriend has been in another relationship with a woman for nine years. She texts, calls, tweets and stalks me on Facebook. I am still in the relationship. He tells me he loves me and he doesn't want me to leave him. He makes me happy. He's the first guy I've allowed myself to fall in love with. He's well known to my family but I'm not known to his. He spends his holidays with the other woman and ... Read More

What are my entitlements?

By Margarette Macaulay | Monday, September 15, 2014    

Dear Mrs Macaulay, I have been married to a police inspector for 17 years. We have been together for 22. The union bore three children who are now 19, 15 and eight. My husband abandoned us over two years now and is cohabiting with his female subordinate who is 30 years his junior. Since we acquired the house I am living in, I have been paying two thirds of the mortgage. He is extremely reluctant to assist with the upkeep of the property and I am forced to pay all of it. I took him to the Fam ... Read More

208 pounds with high cholesterol, bad knees

By Donovan Grant | Monday, September 15, 2014    

Dear Donovan, I'm a 20-year-old woman who weighs 208 pounds. I am five feet eight inches tall. I am trying to lose weight by dieting and exercise as my cholesterol level and blood pressure are high. I often have pains in my knee when I try to exercise. Can you suggest healthy ways to diet to lower the risks associated with high cholesterol and hypertension and also ways for me to lose weight. I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. For a 20-year-old woman you are certainly having a number ... Read More

Supplements, exercise can help in weight gain

Monday, September 15, 2014    

NOT everyone goes to the gym to lose weight; for some people it's an effort to build muscle as part of a weight gain strategy. For these individuals, a complementary action to muscle-building exercises is the use of supplements, which help to speed up the process. "I found that using protein shakes along with exercise helped when I wanted to move from my skinny 130 lbs to a more buff 145," said fitness enthusiast Mario Chambers. "I had been lanky all my life, and needed to build muscle and pack ... Read More

My experience with PCOS

Monday, September 15, 2014    

JANE B, 39, admits that for a number of years she was happy to know her period came every four or sometimes six months. Having started menstruating at age 11, she said the experience was irritating, and for the times her period was MIA, she didn't mind. "I thought the good Lord blessed me wonderfully. When it did come, it was very light and it wasn't intrusive," Jane told All Woman. However, when she started bleeding in between her periods she became concerned and saw a gynaecologist who tol ... Read More

The pill's many wonders

Monday, September 15, 2014    

THE combined oral contraceptive pill is usually marketed solely as a birth control method, but many women aren't aware of its many other uses. But from regulating the period to balancing hormones, to treating acne, the pill is a multi-use little wonder that many women have benefited from over the years. Did you know, for example, that there are some types of pill that clear acne faster than any acne drug; that the pill can give you shorter, lighter periods; and eliminate your PMS symptoms? It ... Read More



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