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Pixie Cuts

Longer than the buzz-cut but shorter than the neck/shoulder-length bob, the pixie cut rests somewhere in the middle, but has remained a classic choice for women because of its edgy-but-vintage appeal. Celebrities, from Rihanna and Beyoncé to Jennifer Hudson and Janelle Monáe, have... Read More

Chocoholic Indulgences at Adam & Eve Day Spa & Salon
Valentine's Day is synonymous with cute dates, fluffy stuffed animals, and quality time with romantic partners, but for those who may not be as relationship-inclined, however, the focus is perhaps self-care and self-love. But one thing that remains constant on this day of love, no matter...... Read More

By Racquel J
Racquel Jenkins is referred to as “the Guru” of make-up artistry in Jamaica. Indeed, her phone has not stopped ringing since her return late December. Jenkins credits her mother for introducing her to and nurturing her interest in the industry. “My mom made it a fun and...... Read More

Sometimes as the pressures of everyday life mount, we need a quick getaway from it all. Under The Dryer is here to give you tips you can employ to bring the spa to you. We have gathered tips for hair, skin and nail care that can have...... Read More

Plastic surgery? Yes, but consider this too

Saturday, January, 6 2018    

Everybody wants to look good; that is a fact. Social media's influence has been so strong and intrusive that privacy is arguably an ideological relic. As a result, a wide array of beauty soultions, including the now-burgeoning practice of invasive cosmetic surgeries, is being offered... Read More

Earth Elements: Quick Picks for Holistic Health

Saturday, December, 30 2017    

As a new year approaches, people are seeking new ways to reach optimum health and wellness goals. Fairly new to the beauty scene, Earth Elements has set itself apart from the rest with an all-natural approach to holistic health in the form of 100% natural products for hair and skincare,... Read More

New Year, New Hair!

Saturday, December, 23 2017    

When talking glam for the holiday season, of course we can't forget the hair! The frame of the face, hair is also lauded as the crown of the woman, and today Under The Dryer will help you get that crown in order. With help from natural hair guru Trudy Greenland of the Kingston branch of... Read More

GLAM UP For The Festive Season

Saturday, December, 16 2017    

Pinch yourself, Christmas is here! Now, more than ever, being fabulous matters! Your Under The Dryer team sat down recently with four power players in the make-up industry: glam goddesses Kimberly Patterson and Sue Gregg and make-up mavens Sushana Cole and Peta-Kay... Read More

To Beard or Not To Beard...

Saturday, December, 9 2017    

That routine question is one with several layers, says Sandra Samuels, managing director of Totally Male Club, Spa & Salon. “Many see it as an easy-to-do trend and a one-size-fits-all type of look. This could not be farther from the truth. A good-looking beard... Read More

Nail it! - Campari Pop Style Winner Kristia Franklin Readies For Xmas

Saturday, December, 2 2017    

Making a fashion statement isn't just about having a bomb outfit; it's about looking good from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Nails on point. Hair slaying. Make-up looking fleeky. Jewellery making all kinds of statements. Outfit turning heads Shoes ah seh one.️... Read More

Artistic Nails by Marsha

Saturday, November, 18 2017    

After a long and tiring work week, there is no better way to celebrate the weekend than with a nail salon treat–after the bills have been paid, of course! Many Under the Dryer (UTD ) readers have already booked their appointments for the salon... Read More

Glimmer N' Gloss Up!

Saturday, November, 11 2017    

Whether it is an evening out, a wedding, a graduation or that special date you've been counting down on the calendar, everyone loves to look fab. With the prevalence of make-up in the beauty sphere and with trending DIY make-up tutorials bombarding the Internet, many ... Read More

'Magnet-ficent' Lashes

Saturday, November, 11 2017    

Full, long, thick, fluttering lashes will never get old in the world of beauty. When mascara can't get the job done, artificial lashes and lash extensions compensate. Although many Under the Dryer (UTD ) readers love the volume that artificial lashes or... Read More


Saturday, November, 4 2017    

Mehndi or Mehendi is a form of body art that can be traced to ancient India, in which decorative designs are created on a person's body using a paste created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant. Locally, henna is primarily used as a means of cultural expression for religious... Read More

One Stop Body Trendz

Saturday, October, 28 2017    

Skin breakouts and unwanted body fat, especially at the most inconvenient times, can be annoying. Talk about a blow to your self-confidence! Finding remedies that actually work, and with little or no side effects, can be equally burdensome. But what if you could somehow get the results... Read More


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