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The PNP's egotism is tiring

Friday, November 03, 2017

Dear Editor,

I am patiently waiting for the People's National Party (PNP) to come to the realisation that the majority of people on the voters' list have: They are not entitled to govern.

I know that this may be difficult for them because their internal political systems have morphed into the bequeathing of leadership from one stalwart to another — see Peter Phillips's ascension to leadership. However, if nothing else, their unexpected defeat at the polls in February 2016 and the loss of St Mary South Eastern in the recently concluded by-election should have brought home this point.

Notwithstanding loss upon loss, members and supporters of the PNP have somehow found a way to trick themselves that their right to rule was disrupted by occurrences beyond their control.

The result of the 2016 General Election was precipitated by the promised tax break of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). Surely, their regurgitated manifesto, their refusal to debate their plans for Jamaica, their disconnect from the economic pangs of the masses, and their insistence on their own perfection had nothing to do with it. Similarly, the local government election was swayed by the de-bushing programme. The infighting and seeming silencing of “Team Renewal” did not factor. Now, the by-election loss is being conveniently blamed on “outspending”. The egotism is tiring.

Don't get me wrong. I am very well aware that financial enticement plays a key role in any electoral machinery. This is particularly true of Jamaica, where political neglect and generational poverty are an inevitable feature of the lives of many. Money makes all the horses and mares go. Still, there is something else behind the PNP's continued disappointing disposition.

Coupled with their centring of the JLP's use of financial enticements is the unmistakable stink of their refusal to reflect on their own failings. Put simply, the PNP thinks it is too great to lose, and so blame the JLP's chicanery for its losses. Rather than investigating their poor communication strategies and lack of focused and consistent engagement with the public, they are content in maintaining the leadership status quo and placating the public by disingenuous and overblown discussions of the “new economy”. Once again, this is tiring.

Before the politically brainwashed register these offerings as anti-PNP, pro-JLP sycophancy, I would like to indicate that many Jamaicans are interested in an Opposition that is functional and representative of the issues of the people. They sit across from Government in Parliament and they are the people's first defence against malfeasance and first chance at holding any Government accountable. I want the PNP to listen to what the public is saying and reflect on how their actions (and inaction) have distanced themselves from the public and made them come off as aloof and unfeeling.

It starts with ending the finger-pointing, stepping outside of their airtight bubble of egotism, reflecting on how they have arrived at where they are, and rediscovering and re-articulating a vision for Jamaica.


Glenroy Murray


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