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Motorists must yield to ambulances, fire engines

Friday, March 30, 2012    

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Dear Editor,

I am concerned about the behaviour of some of our motorists with regard to emergency vehicles. It is becoming the norm for drivers to ignore oncoming ambulances and sometimes fire trucks with sirens blazing. Some drivers seem to have scant regard for these vehicles but I believe if they were police cars, motorists would yield quickly because of fear of consequences.

I have had the experience on more than one occasion where an ambulance is trying to get ahead of the traffic and it is almost as if the sirens do not matter to motorists. I once saw the driver of an ambulance beckoning to other motorists to yield.

We know that sometimes the occupants of some of these vehicles really don't have an emergency and only want to get out of the traffic. However, that does not mean that you should disobey the law by not allowing them to move ahead. Your duty as a responsible driver is to yield to emergency vehicles. You do not have the authority to make a judgement call on their motives.

If they are abusing their status, leave them to time - their misdeeds will catch up with them one fine day. But do not be slow in yielding to emergency vehicles, it might be you in an ambulance one day, or your house on fire.

You must always do the right thing because your deeds - good or bad - often come back to you.

Melvin Pennant





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