Letters to the Editor

Not all sources are true sources

Dear Editor,The current conflict in our sister nation of Venezuela between the Government led by President Nicolas Maduro and the MUD (Democratic Unity Roundtable) Opposition coalition of parties, which has led to over 25 deaths at last count, is a cause of very deep concern to... Read More

So Lisa was right, Babsy?
Dear Editor,Culture Minister Olivia “Babsy” Grange in a media release now says she was not aware of the details surrounding the $15-million contract awarded to Trevor Nairne for the 2016 Grand Gala.Grange also admitted that Nairne was connected to a senior...... Read More

In praise of Ocho Rios Courtesy Corps
Dear Editor,The following is an open letter to the Tourism Product Development Company: The idea and implementation of the courtesy corps in the resort town of Ocho Rios has had an instrumental impact.As a business owner in the town of Ocho Rios for many...... Read More

'5 in 4' contradictory to tax measures
Dear Editor,The Economic Growth Council has indicated its aim to improve the Jamaican economy with a mandate of '5 in 4', which is to grow the Jamaican economy by five per cent in four years.We must note that economic growth is an increase in the amount of goods and services...... Read More

Jamaica's slap in the face of Venezuela

Friday, April, 28 2017   

Dear Editor,How could Jamaica have given the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela such a huge slap in the face by voting in favour of interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela at the Organization of American States meeting in Washington, DC, on April 26, 2017?Where is... Read More

Time to teach drivers' ed in schools

Thursday, April, 27 2017   

Dear Editor,This country of ours, as beautiful and blessed as it is, is no doubt beset by what seems to be innumerable challenges which rear their ugly heads on a daily basis.There can be no sugar-coating of the fact... Read More

Interesting elements in French election

Thursday, April, 27 2017   

Dear Editor,The upcoming French election is proving to be very interesting. The established two parties were both shunned in favour of a right wing candidate Marine Le Pen, who is a lawyer and politician and Emmanuel Macron, who started his own... Read More

Thanks, JMMB, for saving our 'rainy day' money

Thursday, April, 27 2017   

Dear Editor,The five of us, retired professionals, found ourselves talking for weeks about the loss of our 'rainy day' money. Our parents taught us to put away money for the 'rainy day' to ensure security if there were setbacks in life and for... Read More

Divisional offices must

Thursday, April, 27 2017   

Dear Editor,In his 2017-2018 Sectoral Debate presentation Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie made it clear he wanted to transform local government and strengthen it as an institution. The minister announced his plans to make councillors... Read More

Toll road nice but way overpriced

Wednesday, April, 26 2017   

Dear Editor,I had a recent visit to Jamaica and took a trip on the new highway from Caymanas to St Ann. It was a marked difference from travelling the old route along the Bog Walk Gorge, up Mount Rosser, down Mount Diablo and Fern Gully. A... Read More

Jamaica and PetroCaribe: Where do we stand?

Wednesday, April, 26 2017   

Dear Editor,The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade recently hosted a press conference at which Minister Kamina Johnson Smith made several disclosures. The minister informed us on the status of the “impasse” between Jamaica... Read More

Politics and pointless celebrations

Wednesday, April, 26 2017   

Dear Editor,The announcement by Minister of Culture Olivia “Babsy” Grange of a Jamaica 55 celebration has brought many well-thinking Jamaicans to a state of disbelief. That we have money for a trivial celebration, but not for more... Read More

So much to be proud of, but...

Wednesday, April, 26 2017   

Dear Editor,There are many sentimental terms with which we laud our noble country: Jamaica, land we love; this bit of rock; land of wood and water; Jah mek yah! Indeed, we have good reasons to do so and a lot to boast about and be proud of. Read More

Why can't Christians forgive Judas Iscariot?

Wednesday, April, 26 2017   

Dear Editor,The Christian Easter festivities have come and gone, but one name has remarkably remained on the lips of a large number of Christians as is often the case every year — Judas Iscariot.This name is... Read More

Deal with the unfinished electoral business

Tuesday, April, 25 2017   

Dear Editor,We should not wait until the next local government election to resurrect the issue of duplication of local representations. The issue is a valid one and should be immediately dealt with.Is it the Municipal... Read More




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