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'I'd rather be a dead free man than a safe slave'

Friday, November 23, 2018

Dear Editor,

According to the Meridiam Webster Dictionary government is the group of people who control and make decisions for a country, State, etc.

I would like to discuss the alarming trend in the Western representative democratic countries, including Jamaica, wherein governments become rulers over citizens.

The United States is the leader of the Western world through economic, military, media, and Internet dominance (using Facebook, Google, Hollywood CNN, etc). But a study published in 2014 by Northwestern and Princeton universities found the US is an oligarchy.

After 9/11 it became obvious with the increased use of intelligence services to spy on citizens, allies and adversaries. It demonstrated authoritarian practices by disregarding people rights.

Most of the Western world have followed suit.

Jamaica declared a state of emergency earlier this year to fight crime. You can't get more authoritarian than that because you have suspended citizens' constitutional rights, giving the Government virtually unlimited powers.

There is more than enough laws to deal with criminals, but its seem to be a sly way to give the Government more power in the guise of national security. The police are following the Government's lead and want powers to detain any citizen they call a suspect for two weeks without charge.

Is Jamaica planning to go back to rule by decree? That's what you do when you take away citizens' rights; you make members of Government kings, queens, princes and rulers.

The evidence of history has shown that power corrupt and absolute power increases corruption. Please be rational and don't let fear destroy freedom. I rather be a dead free man than a safe serf (slave, subject)!


Brian Ellis Plummer