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Don't merge Trench Town and Charlie Smith; let them co-operate

Trench Town High School, one of the institutions in the proposed merger.

Dear Editor, Anyone who understands community development knows that schools are not just places of teaching and learning; they are important symbols within communities. Just think about the Hope Road community without Campion College or the National Heroes Circle community without the Wolmer's sch ... Read More

Victoria Jubilee Hospital Attacks on health workers not a solution
Dear Editor, It has become a sad truism that our interactions with each other, whether on public ro ... Read More

Gun - 9mm pistol (File photo) Guns without owners
Dear Editor, Every year I have seen pictures of guns seized by the police in the newspapers. In las ... Read More

Ronald Thwaites Good going, Thwaites!
Dear Editor, Congratulations to the Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites for having the testicular ... Read More

Andrew's hole-digging exercise

Saturday, February 28, 2015    

HOLNESS... if I have
done something wrong,
or my actions have been
declared wrong, then I
have a duty to apologise

Dear Editor, According to senior JLP member Mike Henry, "There are questions that party leader Andrew Holness must answer in relation to his decision to appeal the Constitutional Court ruling". I agree. Any decision to appeal a ruling should have solid legal and moral bases. In this particular case, the basis is difficult to find, much less understand. Undated pre-signed resignation letters were used to force out two prominent members of the Senate. Although these letters should never have bee ... Read More

High marks for JFF in hosting tourneys, but that's just tip of the iceberg

Friday, February 27, 2015    

Jamaica striker Junior Flemmings celebrates after scoring a goal in a match in
the recently concluded CONCACAF Under-20 Championship at the National

Dear Sir, Kindly permit me a few comments on our recently concluded Under-20 CONCACAF qualifying tournament in Jamaica. Sometimes we are so discouraged by poor results that we fail to appreciate the positives, and it is for this reason I would like to address the matter with the pointers below. * Jamaica's team improved as the competition progressed. * Kudos to the JFF (Jamaica Football Federation) and its administrative team, who have become the top hosting affiliate in the CFU. * Monteg ... Read More

To two sons of Jamaica

Thursday, February 26, 2015    

West Indies teammates Marlon Samuels (left) and Chris Gayle run
between wickets during the record-making 2015 World Cup match
against Zimbabwe in Australia on Tuesday, February 24.

Dear Editor, This is an open letter to Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels: The president, board of directors, management and staff of Jamaica Cricket Association extend heartiest congratulations to you both on your astounding record-breaking performances. You cannot imagine the immense pride we now feel as a nation to be able to claim you as sons of Jamaica. Chris, as you do battle on the field and battle your injuries, please know you are in our prayers as we wish you healing, strength, perseve ... Read More

The numbers game again, Dr Ferguson?

Thursday, February 26, 2015    

Dr Fenton Ferguson

Dear Editor, Every victim of chikungunya remembers it like it was yesterday, especially the Minister of Health Dr Fenton Ferguson day after day spouting obviously wrong CHIKV numbers. It got so bad that the minister appeared to have been forced into quarantine, given public outcry over the obviously wrong and low numbers while thousands of Jamaicans got knocked down by what we now know is a seriously debilitating virus for some. There was no preparation, even though we later found out that CHI ... Read More

Royally bamboozled!

Thursday, February 26, 2015    

Opposition leader Andrew Holness

Dear Editor, Speaking my mind, we have a Government that does not value education and we have an Opposition leader who is showing his true colours. The man stood contrite before God and man and offered an apology, yet lo and behold he has now filed an appeal. Any sankey can sing so? If Andrew Holness is the best Jamaica muster to counter the tragedy called the PNP, then it is an epic tragedy. One would think that as the leader of the Opposition, trying to get the votes of the people in the ne ... Read More

Dollar devaluation killing health sector

Wednesday, February 25, 2015    

Dollar devaluation killing health sector

Dear Editor, It has been widely reported in the media that Jamaica's public health facilities are bursting at the seams with patients moreso now than any other time in recent history. Further, it is no secret that the health sector has long lacked the resources it requires for ideal care and service. However, one has to wonder what is causing this sudden influx of sick, far beyond the capacity of our hospitals? I put it to you that the problem is rooted in the Government's dollar devaluation ... Read More

From worst Indies to best Indies

Wednesday, February 25, 2015    

West Indies team members including captain Darren Sammy, second left, warm up during a practice session ahead of the Cricket World Cup Group B match against Ireland in Mohali, India, today. (AP Photo/Gurinder Osan)

Dear Editor, The West Indies cricket team, recently dubbed the minnows of the cricket world, has got back its rightful place in cricket -- on top of the world. The West Indies first created history when the team outclassed Pakistan, beating them by 150 runs. They then totally dominated Pakistan in the field of play, where Pakistan made the worst start to an innings in World Cup history -- the previous worst was Canada against Zimbabwe in 2006. Jerome Taylor dismissed three players with just 18 ... Read More

Enterprise, the hallmark of success

Wednesday, February 25, 2015    


Dear Editor, That enterprise is the most important factor of production, it must be admitted. It is, in the final analysis, the principal contributor to the wealth of individuals and nations. Governments should, therefore, fertilise enterprise by policies and do nothing whatsoever to stagnate. This is what Omar Azan, an enterprising businessman and former president of the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association, and some others have been preaching. We ask the authorities to listen more to businessm ... Read More

Local stations need to know when to take a hike

Wednesday, February 25, 2015    

Dear Editor, You know what irks me immensely? When local stations acquire rights to air TV programmes, and when I tune into regular cable I am greeted by a lengthy message revealing same. To add insult to injury, the local stations cut out scenes from these same programmes when they broadcast them; especially sex scenes, because they are either controversial or too "adult" or something of the sort. Now I understand that minors are watching and the language needs to be age-appropriate and yada ... Read More

Let the Maroons pay too

Wednesday, February 25, 2015    

Dear Editor, February is Black History Month, and every year I await a properly researched paper on the despicable behaviour of the double-crossing Maroons who returned their brothers and sisters to slavery on behalf of the British. For this service they were amply compensated. The treaty with the Maroons should be cancelled by the Jamaican Government, and they should be asked to pay reparations equal to the British. The people of Jamaica ought to be fully informed. Delroy McPherson Mandevi ... Read More



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