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Gov't flush money down drain, then ask kids to carry water

Gov’t flushes money down drain,
then asks kids to carry water

Dear Editor, In my time at school, I learned that a government was duty-bound to do for a tax-paying nation what it would otherwise have been imprudent or chaotic to do as individual citizens. Example, governments should have the roles of guarding our coastline; providing primary health care, basic ... Read More

Holness... Ignore the JLP; fares must increase
Dear Editor, There are reports that the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is planning street protests to r ... Read More

Critical thinking and incisive opinion writing
Dear Editor, I wish to thank the Jamaica Observer newspaper for yet another pithy yet tartly irreve ... Read More

Thirty-one-year-old Mario Deane killed while in police custody. Waiting for godot
Dear Editor, If the recent incident serves to enlighten members of parliament, ministers of governm ... Read More

Broadcasting Commission has no legal basis for intervene

Thursday, August 21, 2014    

Broadcasting Commission has
no legal basis to intervene

Dear Editor, I write in response to a letter to the editor titled 'Again, why block our cable shows', published in the Daily Observer of August 20, 2014. While the Broadcasting Commission appreciates the concerns raised, it has no legal basis on which to intervene in legitimate commercial agreements between content owners, such as the producers of Suits and programme distributors, such as local television stations. Subscribers to cable television should be aware that cable operators are distr ... Read More

Teach Ja's youth the strength of blacks

Thursday, August 21, 2014    


Dear Editor, As our education minister battles to get our children doing better in mathematics, I would love for more emphasis to be placed on the foundation of African thoughts in the sciences and the philosophy. Take a book like Civilization or Barbarism' by Cheikh Anta Diop, which states: "The Rhind Papyrus shows that the Egyptians were the inventors of arithmetic and geometric progressions. Now, the most famous 'supposed' discoveries of Pythagoras deal with diverse operations in the arithm ... Read More

Jubilee not the whole picture

Thursday, August 21, 2014    

Among the expected results is rehabilitation of the entire labour and delivery suite and maternal-foetal area at the Victoria
Jubilee Hospital in Kingston.

Dear Editor, I write this letter with great concern but also pride and hope. The recent incident at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston is very unfortunate and no one should be treated in such a manner no matter their status in society. We need to stop looking down on people. But with that said, let's not allow that incident to distract us from the many improvements that have taken place in the health sector. The Government's thrust with primary health care has been of great success so ... Read More

Fenton Ferguson's action threatening to Ja

Wednesday, August 20, 2014    

Fenton Ferguson

Dear Editor, Is Fenton Ferguson a communist dictator or what? Why is he so keen on letting 'big government' control everything we do? Of late he has turned his attention at tobacco and alcohol companies and likening them to evil entities focused on destroying people's lives. In relation to tobacco Dr Ferguson is quoted as saying "smoking is one of the evils of mankind" and must come to an end in "our lifetime". It is no wonder then that the ganja laws are taking so long to be changed. Fergus ... Read More

Again, why block our cable shows?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014    

Again, why block our cable shows?

Dear Editor, I join with other numerous Flow cable subscribers who have been complaining about a noticeable trend of blocking our cable shows when the rights have been bought by local television stations. If we allow this trend to continue, cable subscribers will be paying for a service that is being reduced at intervals to which we have no control. Yes, some of us have the power of disconnecting our cable subscription from Flow, but since they are the current giant in the industry, we really ... Read More

PR and czars alone won't fix agriculture

Wednesday, August 20, 2014    

Dear Editor, It is public knowledge that the agriculture sector in Jamaica is lagging behind global standards, therefore persons entrusted with its development should provide us with tangible solutions and not sound bites. However, Don McGlashan, the director general in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, doesn't seem to grasp this concept, instead of articulating his vision for the agricultural sector at a recent forum, he bemoaned its parlous state. "Where is that leader to drive th ... Read More

Put an end to reckless sex

Wednesday, August 20, 2014    

Dear Editor, This is in response to a disturbing advertisement repeatedly aired in the local media where two young women discuss the concern of having children early. Instead of promoting abstinence until marriage, the ad's core message is 'Choose 2: take an injection and use a condom'. This promotes a false sense of safety while encouraging persons to do whatever they want. This concept generally pervades today's society and the argument is frequently made that "they are doing it anyway, migh ... Read More

Good going, Minister Hanna

Wednesday, August 20, 2014    

Dear Editor, It is a welcome move by Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna on her Ice Bucket Challenge. I am truly inspired by her stance. This is for a worthy cause and we need to put politicking aside and decide on a solid path forward. The social ills which we are encountering will definitely benefit from these positive moves. I am glad she took the challenge for the betterment of our society. One can clearly remember this worthy cause could help any one of us who fall to this neurologic ... Read More

Pack your bags, Pickersgill

Tuesday, August 19, 2014    

Water Minister Robert Pickersgill

Dear Editor, When some Jamaicans get angry they identify several routes to vent their anger, among them roadblocks, fiery protests, and the hurling of abuse at government agencies and the wider public sector. In some cases its not hard to understand why my fellow Jamaicans resort to the above mentioned routes. Well time come... that is for me to vent my anger. I have silently vented and cursed over the lack of water to the residents of Hellshire, and by extension Greater Portmore. I am now mak ... Read More

Schools may be breeding ground for Chikungunya

Tuesday, August 19, 2014    

Dear Editor, The threat posed by the Chikungunya virus to schools and other public places of gathering is real. From all accounts, the cases of domestic Chikungunya virus have been on the increase with almost daily confirmations from the Ministry of Health. Jamaica has had 10 confirmed cases to date. As citizens, we have been advised to take a number of precautionary measures to minimise the breeding areas of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which is responsible for transmitting this virus. However ... Read More



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