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‘Rio Salute’ programme constructed with consultation

A part of the entertainment package at the recent ‘Rio Salute’ at the National Indoor Sports Centre. (Naphtali Junior)

Dear Editor, I am a person who supports good things, and I am a patriotic Jamaican, so I want to take the chance to comment on the criticisms made of the recently held ‘Rio Salute’. This is not about taking sides of political parties, but about supporting the people who give us glory a ... Read More

Arlene Harrison Henry, public defender Public defender’s dead babies’ report wanting
Dear Editor, I am appalled at the broad-brush approach that the Public Defender Arlene Harrison Hen ... Read More

Hope the MPs read Grace Virtue’s column
Dear Editor, The country must thank Dr Grace Virtue for clearly stating the obvious in her column i ... Read More

Former local government minister and Opposition spokesperson, Noel Arscott. Arscott’s shameful tribal comments
Dear Editor, I feel compelled to agree wholeheartedly with Robert Dalley who wrote a well-written l ... Read More

Waste management is our challenge

Wednesday, October 19, 2016    

This gully, which runs through the Naggo Head area of Portmore in St Catherine, remained in a deplorable state despite the threat of Hurricane Matthew.

Dear Editor, I write in response to an column published in the Jamaica Observer on Thursday, October 13, 2016 ‘Stop it! Wi too nasty!’ by Odane Plummer. Although the heart of Plummer’s article is in the right place, I think he has failed to fully grasp the complexities of Jamaica’s solid waste management challenges and the potential solutions to the problem. Plummer starts by emphasising the need for greater incorporation of waste management education into Jamaica&rsqu ... Read More

Trump’s ‘talk’ sad, pathetic

Wednesday, October 19, 2016    

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Friday, Oct. 14, 2016, in Greensboro, N.C. (Photo: AP)

Dear Editor, It is not often that I take this route to address an issue, especially something as polarising and as divisive as the upcoming US presidential election. However, it would be remiss of me not to respond to letter writer Andre O Sheppy’s piece, ‘Trump’s no scumbag, he’s a scapegoat’. I am really not sure what to make of his reasoning, or of what exactly it is that he is trying to say. However, this I know for sure. No amount of spinning or attempt to ra ... Read More

It’s clear Gov’t is not seeing the big picture

Wednesday, October 19, 2016    

Dear Editor, It is counter-intuitive to be accelerating the decline in the domestic debt stock and at the same time devaluation is increasing the value of the external debt, thus lowering the rate of decline in the national (total) debt. This is regressive fiscal and monetary policy. You can see from the chart that the value of the external debt stock is moving with the exchange rate and counteracting efforts under the debt exchange programme to reduce the value of the domestic debt stock. S ... Read More

Parson nah ramp!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016    


Dear Editor, I am so tickled to see the slate of awardees on this year’s roster who have been given national honours. ‘Parson nah ramp!’ Truly, today some people must be saying,“Man, we have really become an egalitarian State, where we don’t care who you are, or what your contribution has been like, we will just randomly give out these prizes to all and sundry to let them know that we appreciate their contribution to our ‘nation-building project’. Tru ... Read More

Minister, is this all corruption?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016    

INDECOM chief Terrence Williams

Dear Editor, The former People’s National Party Government wanted to establish an oversight body for the Independenet Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) which I thought, at that time, was useless and unnecessary. I still subscribe to the view. Since the appointment of Robert Montague as national security minister, he has stated that the work of INDECOM is very important and a memorandum of understanding will shortly be signed with the Jamaica Constabulary Force to develop a specific w ... Read More

Trump’s no scumbag, he’s a scapegoat

Tuesday, October 18, 2016    

Donald Trump

Dear Editor, The revelations made of so-called “locker room talk”, which featured Donald Trump’s sexual pursuits, has enlightened those among us who have scientific interests in human sexuality and the reactions to it from various segments of the society. Unfortunately, the vehement reactions to Trump’s failure in this regard have shown that our attitude to human sexuality is losing its bearing. The hypocrisy was remarkable. Any man on this planet could have been caught ... Read More

Convict them for their foreign crimes

Tuesday, October 18, 2016    

Jail cell

Dear Editor, From time to time, we get reports of deportees who had commited crimes when they are abroad and who have been sent here to, effectively, continue their lives of crime in this country. As far as I know, whenever such people are convicted abroad, they cannot be convicted here. I think that the time has now come when we should change this. While I don’t think that we should charge Jamaicans who commit every crime abroad when they come back here, I think that when they commit c ... Read More

Time to put money on plastic recycling

Tuesday, October 18, 2016    

Plastic bottles separated at the
municipal dump for recycling.

Dear Editor, I participated in the recent International Coastal Clean-up. My community collected a total of 26 bags of garbage; three jumbo garbage bags of styrofoam food containers, one bag with pieces of net and rope; 20 bags of plastic water/drink bottles; two bags with glass bottles. We observed that the glass bottles we collected were non-returnable roots wine, malt, and a few rum and vodka bottles. We collected no bottles that could be returned. This goes to show that if we have a retur ... Read More

Resurrect the hero in you!

Monday, October 17, 2016    

Jamaica’s national heroes: (from left) Alexander Bustamante, Norman Washington Manley, Paul Bogle, George William Thomas, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Samuel Sharpe, and Nanny of the Maroons.

Dear Editor, As we pause to reflect on our heritage, To our national heroes we pay our homage, For their tireless work, their strength and courage, So we can celebrate our freedom from bondage! We salute Sharpe, Bogle, Gordon, Manley, Bustamante, Garvey, and our fearless Nanny, Who fought for our rights and put an end to slavery, I pray we’ll emulate such bravery! That bravery to resurrect that hero inside, To stand up for what you believe in, with dignity and pride! To fig ... Read More

Bring back ISCF!

Monday, October 17, 2016    

Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Mobile Reserve Winchroy Budhoo (left) exchanges the ISCF Chevron (blue) for the JCF one (red and yellow) with a newly sworn member, formerly of the ISCF.

Dear Editor, I have observed letters in various print media about returning district constables to their districts. However, the same way that letters are highlighting the vending problems on the streets, use the same means to help and lobby for the return of the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF). They were a force to reckon with and were more recognised than the district constables, who some people are now asking to do enforcement on the roads and resort areas. Since the merging of the ... Read More



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