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Why has Paulwell really gone silent on rare earth minerals?

Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Minister, Phillip Paulwell

Dear Editor, It is not unusual for politicians to exaggerate their policies. However, if these policies fail to materialise, the people deserve to know why. Phillip Paulwell boldly declared that the discovery of rare earth minerals in Jamaica could be a possible game-changer for the economy. The G ... Read More

bills Looking forward to one bill
Dear Editor, I, like many Jamaicans, was caught off guard by the recent announcement that my cable ... Read More

NHT NHT could have built 105 more houses
Dear Editor, It is obvious that the National Housing Trust (NHT) is monetary rich, because it has $ ... Read More

Prime Minister Portia
Simpson Miller to make
public announcement on
NHT board after Cabinet
meeting today. Little-White, Gov't had good intentions
Dear Editor, It has been said that success requires no explanation and failure accepts no alibi. Th ... Read More

Embrace the whole Bible

Tuesday, November 25, 2014    

A copy of the King James
Bible. (Photo: Karl McLarty)

Dear Editor, As Jamaica continues the review of the Sexual Offences Act and related laws, including the 1864 British colonially-imposed Offences Against the Person Act, I find it ironic that in our Parliament, and from many pulpits, descendants of slaves feel morally justified to sit in judgement of other descendants of slaves and tell them what they can do with their own bodies. The irony is compounded by the fact that these neo-slavery pronouncements are based on a narrow interpretation of b ... Read More

Hail Patrick Robinson!

Monday, November 24, 2014    

Patrick Robinson

Dear Editor, I wish to applaud and congratulate the outstanding and globally esteemed Jamaican, the Honourable Justice Patrick Lipton Robinson, who has just been elected to the highest international and prestigious judicial body, the International Court of Justice. This outstanding accomplishment is testimony of the excellent and remarkable contribution and experience which Justice Robinson has shared as an international lawyer and judge and the high respect and esteem in which he is held inte ... Read More

Does Holness still have confidence in Kavan Gayle?

Monday, November 24, 2014    

Kavan Gayle

Dear Editor, Let me begin by saying that the sordid affair in the purchasing of Outameni by the National Housing Trust (NHT) is scandalous given that there are hundreds of contributors who cannot afford to get a loan to buy a house. The entire Easton Douglas-led board should resign forthwith and a new board appointed. It is unacceptable that up to this point in time the nation is still not clear as to what took place with this transaction and what was bought by the NHT. Having said that, the ... Read More

Obama is an outsider

Monday, November 24, 2014    


Dear Editor, I read Sir Ronald Sanders' column 'Anti-Obama forces cloud global stability' and I consider it a great obituary for Obama. The real question is why are the Republicans (and even many Democrats) so antagonistic towards him? Simple: He is not of the old boys' club. That patriarchy which, amongst other things, chews and spits tobacco, drinks bourbons, and cuts deals in smoke-filled rooms. Obama is an outsider of mixed-race progeny. He does not represent anything like the culture of ... Read More

Wignall's weird welcome

Monday, November 24, 2014    

I welcome the Cable and Wireless acquisition of Flow

Dear Editor, I see Mark Wignall totally missed the point again in his Sunday column titled 'I welcome the Cable and Wireless acquisition of Flow'. Wignall seemingly welcomes inevitable widespread job loss as the company seeks to save. Wignall welcomes two companies coming together to have a near vice grip on the cable, fixed and broadband market to the almost certain detriment of pricing, service and technical advance. Wignall welcomes greater power for a company that treated its customers w ... Read More

LIME's $262 fee hurt my Christmas

Monday, November 24, 2014    

LIME Jamaica has increased mobile subscribers by 125,000.

Dear Editor, All LIME customers would have seen by now an accompanying letter with their November bill from the CEO of LIME Caribbean, Martin Roos, informing them of an additional monthly fee of $262, inclusive of taxes, as of January 1, 2015. According to LIME, customers who do not sign up for e-billing will have to pay this additional cost to have their bill printed and sent to them by traditional mail. This decision by LIME is unfair since the company has given their customers less than two ... Read More

Congratulations, JC

Monday, November 24, 2014    

Dear Editor, Passion, pride and teamwork are the reasons Jamaica College was crowned champions once again of the coveted Manning Cup. On Saturday, the boys from Old Hope Road showed that they can live up to a section in their school motto, "Fervet Opus in Campis", which translates to "Work is burning in the fields". Coming into the 2014 season, JC was seen as favourites, but oftentimes the dark blues seemed as though they were crumbling under pressure. This was most evident in the matches pla ... Read More

Is it 'do as you please' at NHT?

Friday, November 21, 2014    

This recent purchase action, coupled with past deeds of the Government regarding the use of NHT funds, raises the issue
of the governance policies of the entity.

Dear Editor, Both political parties' annual conferences are behind us, and are but distant memories. However, National Housing Trust (NHT) purchasing an indebted company is still fresh in our minds. NHT's mandate is to provide housing for contributors, but so far it has engaged in a multitude of things that have nothing to do with housing. In all fairness to NHT, it has provided houses for several people, but we have to look at the whole picture. During Portia Simpson Miller's first term as ... Read More

Time for public hearings to fill State boards seats

Friday, November 21, 2014    

The National Housing Trust (NHT) board of directors, top row from left: Chairman Easton Douglas; Government Senator Lambert Brown; former lecturer, University of the West Indies Robert Buddan; Jamaica Employment Federation Boss Brenda Cuthbert; general secretary, Jamaica Association of Local Government Officer, Helene Davis-Whyte; Opposition Senator Kavan Gayle; president of the Jamaica Civil Service Association O’Neil Grant; former senator and president of Arc Systems, Norman Horne; director of Planning and Development at the Office of the Prime Minister, Sonia Hyman; Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents President Percival LaTouche; National Workers Union of Jamaica former President Vincent Morrison.

Dear Editor, Clearly the Jamaican state is urgently in need of reform in terms of governance. There is much that is wrong in the society regarding how we appoint individuals to serve on boards of state entities. The cavalier and political divisive manner in which such appointments are done manifested itself in the debacle now facing the remaining board members of the National Housing Trust. Yes, they were appointed by the prime minister, however, their failure to resign says they have failed t ... Read More

Quality craft is available

Friday, November 21, 2014    

Craft items on display in Jamaica.

Dear Editor, Having been involved in Jamaican art and craft since the late 1960s, I read your article 'Craft trade revival' with interest and confusion. I was part of a significant revival of the craft industry in the early 1980s, opening Harmony Hall in Ocho Rios in 1981, and a sister establishment in Antigua in 1987, where we hosted local and regional craft fairs throughout the 1990s. The EU-funded Caribbean Export in Barbados assumed responsibility for the fairs, rebranding as the popular a ... Read More



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