#BEIJING2015: Danielle Williams delivers gold in 100mH

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Danielle Williams hurdled to a gold medal in the women’s 100-metre hurdles a short while ago at the 15th IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China. She ran an impressive 12.57 seconds to match her personal best.  In second was Germany's Cindy Roleder at 12.59 ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Rest well, Julian Bond

Julian Bond

Dear Editor, Words cannot describe my personal feeling of loss on being advised of the death of my friend and great champion of civil rights in the USA. I refer to that great Atlanta legislator, Julian Bond. From the late 1960s, when we first met through my brother Dennis, we shared many visions a ... Read More

Managing Director of the Transport Authority of Jamaica, Donald Foster, addresses a Jamaica
Information Service Think Tank held at the agency’s head office in Kingston on Wednesday.
(PHOTO: JIS) No plan to oust bus operators
Dear Editor, The Transport Authority uses this medium to respond to an article published in the Jam ... Read More

A section of Lasco’s new manufacturing plant. Expansion will now be focussed on distribution. iCool ad too hot
Dear Editor, I have always been an admirer of Lasco because that company is always looking out for ... Read More

Minister of
Thwaites The minister need not apologise
Dear Editor, While I advocate more restrained, calculated, and measured language when our public of ... Read More

In defence of Lloyd B

Friday, August 28, 2015    

St James Central
Member of Parliament
Lloyd B Smith speaking
at his constituency GSAT
awards luncheon in
Montego Bay on Monday.

Dear Editor, Ray Ford, in his The Agenda column in the Sunday Observer dated August 23, 2015, headlined 'When leaders need leading', wrote in part that, "His (Lloyd B Smith) latest posit of what should be done with the proceeds of lotto scamming is repulsive, to say the least...Smith just does not yet get it, that knowingly tainted money cannot, with a good conscience, be put to any good use." Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams, some time ago, stated that the overseas lottery-scamming net ... Read More

Thwaites issues mea culpa

Thursday, August 27, 2015    

Minister of

Dear Editor, On reflection, and having listened to all the comments, I would like, even at this late stage, to withdraw my use of the term "leggo beast" to describe uncontrollable children spoken at last week's Jamaica Teachers' Association conference. The serious issue facing the society of weak parenting and inadequate community support to socialise so many schoolchildren is likely to be overlooked by controversy over the appropriations of a phrase I used. I regret speaking in the manner I d ... Read More

Just escoveitched!

Thursday, August 27, 2015    

Just escoveitched!

Dear Editor, Real story. I went to buy lunch and saw sliced fish on the menu. I asked to see it. The server opens the pan and the following happens: Me: Is that snapper? Server: Not sure (then asks the cashier), wha kinda fish this? Cashier: Escoveitch. Server: No, mi mean is it snapper...? Cashier: No, escoveitch. Server: No man, me mean if a grunt, or doctor...? Cashier: It fry and den dem put on the things dem. Server: Go in the kitchen and ask the chef. (Cashier returns with a man ... Read More

Employment not permitted

Thursday, August 27, 2015    

A Jamaican passport

Dear Editor, I read the article regarding three Jamaicans fined $450 for working without permit in T&T, and further noted that their passports were stamped "Employment not permitted". I am a Jamaican by birth and carry a Jamaican passport. I am a naturalised citizen of the USA. I have spent most of my life here in the USA. When I come to Jamaica, as I have done every year for more than four decades, I present my Jamaican passport to the immigration officer. My passport is stamped, "Employ ... Read More

Effectiveness rather than form

Thursday, August 27, 2015    

Opposition Leader Andrew

Dear Editor, The popular Jamaican expression, "Don't watch the noise in the market; watch the sales", is one that underscores the value of substance and effectiveness rather than form. Traditionally, Jamaican politics has been characterised by rowdy, overly combative, and even violent exchanges between and among rivals. Unfortunately, this tends to be the case because many subscribe to the archaic view that one has to be loud, rowdy and pompous in order to effectively level criticism and polit ... Read More

Some of them are 'leggo beasts'

Thursday, August 27, 2015    

THWAITES… we have the wrong set of values and attitudes in
this country.

Dear Editor, I guess I should not be surprised at the amount of comment, vitriol, and upset generated by Minister Ronald Thwaites' use of the very apt Jamaican term "leggo beast". Apart from the fact that we, once again, take every opportunity to turn serious matters into political footballs, I think too many of us are missing the point of the minister's argument. Our children from all walks of life are in a serious crisis -- bullying; stabbings; fighting; disrespect of self, others and author ... Read More

My disappointment with Usain

Wednesday, August 26, 2015    

BOLT… I have shown the world that it is possible (to run clean). (PHOTOS: AFP)

Dear Editor, What do Richard Dean "MacGyver" Anderson and Usain Bolt have in common? Okay, so I'm a bit dated, but you have to admit, they both perform with scripts that make them come out on top at the end of the show. Only, Bolt is not acting -- what you see is what you get. In athletics, he's the real deal. So why am I disappointed with his most recent success? I really had dreams of Bolt shattering his 9.58 record, but that, I guess, is not likely to be at this stage. He's getting older an ... Read More

No, no, Minister Thwaites!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015    

THWAITES...lashed falling
standards in parents and

Dear Editor, So sad to hear the comments made by Minister of Education about our nation's children. Jamaican parents do not produce "leggo beasts". Your comments are a slight against parents who have tried their darnest in providing support for their children through education. The educational system continues to be restructured socially and economically and, with these struggles, children bear the brunt of the teething pains that accompany these changes. The statement is indicative of ho ... Read More

Let education exchange work for us

Wednesday, August 26, 2015    

Dear Editor, Over the years much praise has been bestowed upon Jamaica's education system and its standing in the global community. This fact has been highlighted by the numerous educational institutions that have recruited and continue to recruit Jamaican teachers. Many countries have instituted an exchange programme whereby teachers are given the opportunity to travel, and gain immeasurable experience over a specific time period. The time has come for us, as a society, to at least examine th ... Read More

Isn't Shelly-Ann marvellous!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015    

Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce

Dear Editor, Did you hear Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce's comment when she was interviewed after she had won the 100m gold medal? Not even the Virgin Mary could have said it better. And more important, she gave the glory to God and expressed gratitude and thanks to all those who have helped, supported and encouraged her. Isn't that marvellous? Shelly is a real woman with a good heart. Congratulations to you, Shelly-Ann, on your remarkable victory. We thank you handsomely for meeting or for fulfillin ... Read More



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