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Rubbish, Robert Montague!

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) chairman Robert Montague

Dear Editor, Oh, dear Lord, into what fresh hell of madness has Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Chairman Robert Montague plunged us? This man, who I hitherto regarded as sound, came close to shocking the life out of me by demanding from a political platform on Sunday that the People’s National Par ... Read More

G2K President Matthew Samuda Unfortunate comments from G2K; seek knowledge
The following is an open statement to Matthew Samuda, president, Generation 2000 (G2K): The Office ... Read More

Bring back the proud Jamaican spirit. Ready, set, vote!
Dear Editor, One of my grandchildren was on radio recently telling the host why he will not vote. I ... Read More

Jamaica Flag I am a Jamaican first!
Dear Editor, I am a Jamaican before I am any “P”. Much of my success, and what I am t ... Read More

Young voters, get on board!

Friday, February 05, 2016    

Constituents voting.

Dear Editor, As the country’s general election fast approaches, both of Jamaica’s major political parties are engaged in the customary dissemination of their programmes and policies from party platforms. However, the major issue for both parties is the inability to sway the uncommitted youthful segment of the electorate. To my mind, young voters need to be aware of the context of the election and make their choice based on informed analysis of the comparative facts. My ultimate ai ... Read More

Roads to development

Friday, February 05, 2016    

The PNP is headed for a crushing defeat similar to October 30, 1980.

Dear Editor, “The road to development for a country, is the development of its roads.” This is a statement that I have heard for quite some time now and, until recently, I just assumed it referred to only large highways or the main roads in parishes. It wasn’t until I heard of the recent rehabilitation of 22 farm roads that it has truly dawned on me that the phrase is true of all of our roads; from A-roads to the unclassified. It is quite pleasing that successive People&rsq ... Read More

Ghosts of 1980 glad for short election campaign

Thursday, February 04, 2016    

Portia Simpson Miller (File photo)

Dear Editor, Prime Minister the Portia Simpson Miller knows more than anyone else in the People’s National Party (PNP) the negative effects of a long election campaign. The year 1980 was a prime example. Under former prime minister, the late Michael Norman Manley, the 1980 election campaign was far too long. Several allegations were made about foreign intervention in our political affairs by our neighbours to the North, but the campaign was too long. Simpson Miller may well have had to b ... Read More

High hopes for Crawford and Pryce

Thursday, February 04, 2016    

Raymond Pryce

Dear Editor, Quite regrettably, as we prepare to say goodbye, at least for now, to two of the sharpest members of parliament (MP) in the House of Representatives for the past four years, Damion Crawford and Raymond Pryce, I wish to extend commendations to them both on the great work they have done and the great influence they have had. These are two analytical minds, tapped with unmatched potential, and it is a bit disheartening to see their political prowess being put on pause with this gener ... Read More

Young must organise themselves to be taken seriously

Thursday, February 04, 2016    

Minister of Finance and
Planning Dr Peter Phillips.

Dear Editor, A general election will be held soon and many commentators are bemoaning the apathetic nature of the younger generation. The argument is that young people are not interested in politics because both parties do not seem to cater to their needs. However, the reality is that political parties will take young people seriously when they begin to organise themselves and lobby for meaningful change. Groups like the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica and the Jamaica Manufacturers&rs ... Read More

Adventist pastor’s wrong was not his attendance at rally

Thursday, February 04, 2016    

HARVEY... reportedly rallied Jamaicans to vote PNP

Dear Editor, Since people still have this issue of Northern Caribbean University church pastor, Dr Michael Harvey, misconstrued, for whatever reasons, let me try and make it a bit clearer. The Jamaican Constitution speaks to the right to association. The Adventist Church believes in democracy and, unlike the Jehovah’s Witnesses, does not tell its members not to be a part of the democratic process. This makes it clear that Harvey was indeed right in supporting the party of his choice, as ... Read More

Caricom failing Haiti

Wednesday, February 03, 2016    

Dear Editor, This January marked five years since the tragic earthquake that hit Haiti. This year also marks one for the transition of power through a general election. Unfortunately, the rubble is still there and elections have been postponed. Where has Caricom been, and why are they so quiet on the Haiti issue? For years Jamaica and the wider Caricom nations have led the fight for Haiti, but as a recent editorial stated, we seem to have grown weary of Haiti and what seems to be their constan ... Read More

Lee-Chin’s call makes good cents!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016    

LEE-CHIN... 99 per cent strategy, one per cent execution

Dear Editor, Very rarely do we find individuals showing deep regard for their neighbours, especially in pursuit of their own personal agenda. Their goals may take them away from their own environment into another sphere of interest and engagement. Many are much too busy looking about their own personal goals to the extent where they forget about those around them. Therefore, it is indeed refreshing that National Commercial Bank Chairman Michael Lee-Chin has appealed to investors to put their s ... Read More

We must protect our beaches!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016    

Dear Editor, There have been several media reports concerning the removal of vast quantities of sand from certain sections of the Negril beach area and it being transported to the Ocho Rios area by people connected to a hotel investment group involved in the hotel construction business on the north coast. Instructively, the Negril Chamber of Commerce has publicly raised the issue concerning this activity and has vociferously called on the government agencies with legal authority to stop this ac ... Read More

Mama InAction!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016    

Portia Simpson (File photo)

Dear Editor, In a grand spectacle put on by the ruling People’s National Party on Sunday, party President Portia Simpson Miller claimed to be “Mama in action” (MIA). This was in a clear attempt to discredit the moniker ‘missing in action’ ascribed to her. Surprisingly, as the political season heightens, she is now seeking to be visible and actually made herself available for an exclusive interview. Her eleventh-hour engagement with media will be about the politick ... Read More



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