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Sunday, October 22, 2017

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The urging of the word 'judgement'

Hath bred a kind of

Remorse in me.

— Shakespeare, Richard III, 1, 4

Many persons who believe in some sort of judgement, whether it be from the Creator, a higher power, karma, or any sort of reaction to their action, may have some sort of remorse for whatever bad deeds they may have committed. That's why I view people who have no religious affiliation with a certain degree of trepidation. They fear no consequence for their misdeeds, nor do they fear punishment.

After all, they have no fear of judgement, no fear of retribution, no fear of God or mammon, so therefore no remorse for whatever bad things they may have done. Remember the term, “They put the fear of God in him, that's why he recanted and confessed.”

Well, no belief in a Supreme Being, no fear of judgement, no belief in sin, no belief in right from wrong, make a dangerous person. But I am here to tell you that even if you have no belief, there is a thing called karma, a sort of cosmic justice that exacts its revenge on us all.

It may come quickly, or may take some time to manifest itself, but as sure as the moon travels around the Earth, what goes around comes around, and it's so true, time is indeed longer than rope. “Long run, short ketch,” is what the old-timers used to say.

Specifically, I'm referring to sexual karma, which we'll delve into, right after these responses to 'Mothers ruin sons'.

Hi Tony,

I am not familiar with this practice, as I grew up in the sixties where boys were boys, playing football in the streets, hiking the hills, going swimming with friends, and taking the bus home from school. Back in the early seventies with my long hair, I was once mistaken for a woman when a female vendor approached me from behind and addressed me as 'miss'. She was taken aback when I turned around and faced her with a full growth of facial hair.


Hey Tony,

The ruining of sons by mothers started with the modern generation of women who took being protective to a new level. No longer were boys allowed to be boys and display masculine traits, but weren't even allowed to walk barefoot, play outside in the rain, or get into a tussle. It's sickening to see what many boys have become. The excuse by the mothers is, 'times have changed'. No wonder the females have taken over.


Ah boy, story come to bump, the crap hit the fan, the chickens have come home to roost, he got what he deserved, payback came swift and hard. There are so many terms and phrases for judgement that's meted out to some transgressors. In this case, the crimes were of a sexual nature or gross indiscretions that many men are guilty of.

Some may get caught, but even those who don't get snared, still get thumped by sexual karma. There have been some big name, high-profile cases in the USA involving people like Bill Cosby, Roger Eibert, and most recently Harvey Weinstein, the powerful Hollywood movie producer. They have all been accused of multiple sexual indiscretions.

Very similar to the Cosby case, multiple women have come out with accusations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in the Weinsten scenario. Some have even cried rape. This has resulted in a fall from grace of these once-powerful men. Two were removed from their jobs and one wife has left the marriage. I still ask the burning question though, why did these women wait so long to blow the whistle on these men?

A lesson that should be learned here though, is that nothing is as powerul as the vagina, which has brought down countless powerful men throughout history. When bombs and bullets fail, send in the feline posse and watch men crumble. It's sexual karma, and it reaches out and touches many men. It comes in many forms too. Just recently I was talking to a bredrin of mine who confessed to me that he had hurt many women during his wild and wooly days of sowing his wild oats.

Now those memories have returned to haunt him, and he is filled with remorse. Is this remorse based on the fact that he's growing older and fears judgement? Ah, conscience doth make cowards of us all. Because of his sexual exploits with all those women of his past he is now a man filled with guilt and fear, for he has three daughters.

“I wonder if men will do to them what I did to all those women?” is his biggest fear. Sexual karma can also have a cruel twist to it. There are men who run up and down like the proverbial village ram until they decide to settle down with the prettiest woman in the village. But as the fine print says, 'conditions apply'. All that glitters is not gold, and, “See me and come live with me are two different things.”

By some cruel twist of sexual karmic justice, that woman has no desire for sex whatsoever, leaving him high and dry. He's now too old to resume his randy ramgoat ways, so he is destined to a life of near celibacy. “I guess I got what I deserved for fooling up all those women in the past,” says he. Yes, some people are your punishment.

Sexual karmic punishment comes in many forms. The same applies to men who used to bed other men's wives. One day he gets married, and guess what, the same knife that stick sheep stick goat, and that knife is sticking his wife too.

Sexual karma affects women too, for there are women who spent their entire lives sleeping with other women's husbands, until judgment takes them. Usually they never get a man of their own, being mistresses all their lives as they 'borrowed' so many men, or if they do get a man, he sleeps around more than a sailor on shore leave.

“Is how me salt with man suh, every one is crosses?”

“Is not salt yu salt, is sexual karma ketch yu.”

The bad and even more serious side of sexual karma comes in the form of health issues. Having been involved with the Ministry of Health's media campaigns for many years, I have been privy to much information and statistics involving sexual karma.

Careless men who indulged in unprotected sex with countless women end up with diseases that I can scarcely pronounce. Some get instant karma, as, after having sex there is a foul discharge and itching that's unbearable. For others it may take a little longer as the symptoms gradually manifest themselves. Some have died, while others suffered from a fate worse than death. “My word, look how him draw dung and look like skeleton; sexual karma ketch him.”

I know that it sounds morbid, gross, gruesome even, but the stark facts remain, sexual karma can be lethal. There was no thought of judgement when they were running up and down violating numerous women…or men, but one day the piper had to be paid. “If I had known I wouldn't have flashed it so much with all those women,” is the cry.

Sexual karma catches many women in the form of unwanted pregnancy. What swift justice for a few moments of pleasure. To make it worse, the man may just flee the scene of the crime, leaving her to bear that karmic burden for the rest of her life.

Sexual karma is cruel justice meted out to many people. It can be physical, mental, emotional. Some men get impotent after indulging too much in their youth, while some women get turned off sex, never wanting to go through that 'ordeal' again.

It hits different people in different ways, but one thing is true, what goes around comes around, and sexual karma is real.

More time.

Footnote : I am convinced that there are some people who have no moral conscience. They simply do not know what's ethical or not, and that's why there are so many problems in many quarters of our society. Case in point, there is this guy who has offered up his son to play football for Jamaica… but conditions apply. One was that a certain member of the Jamaica Football Federation be fired, the other was that the player can join the Reggae Boyz only if his brother gets a game too. Now it's bad enough that he made all those demands, but what's really scary is that so many people see nothing wrong with those utterances. Could he approach the English FA or the French or the USA FA with those absurd demands? But duppy know who to frighten, and people who believe that the ends justify the means are misguided. Some persons have no moral compass.




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