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TVET critical in advancing economic development of Jamaica

Saturday, August 12, 2017

KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) — Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Donovan Stanberry says technical, vocational, education and training (TVET) will play a critical role in the economic advancement of the country.
He noted that with expanded TVET activities “particularly in agriculture” the economy will become more developed as currently “we are hard pressed to find the range of skills we need to develop the sector”.

The Permanent Secretary was addressing a Partner Appreciation Ceremony to recognise those organisations integral to the equipping and retrofitting of the Crooked River/ Brae Head Skills Training Centre in Clarendon, on yesterday.

The organisations include: the European Union (EU), the Embassy of Japan and the Sugar Transformation Unit in the Ministry.

Stanberry added that finding persons with the skills set of livestock officer, veterinarian technician or agronomist is difficult, especially “when you go into our universities (and) half of the students are studying management and business and philosophy”.

 He informed that the skills offered by the training centre such as bartending, apiculture (beekeeping) and general beauty therapy all at HEART Trust/NTA level 2 certification, are not to be frowned upon especially when the need arises for such skills.
Meanwhile, Stanberry emphasised that agriculture, “must be a catalyst and stand at the centre of rural development”.
“We have not yet developed to a stage where we have found a replacement for agriculture as the main economic activity in places like Crooked River in Northern Clarendon and all over rural Jamaica,” he said.

Stanberry noted that there needs to be a renewed emphasis and focus on rural development.