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Mystery $49-m Lotto winner finally collects prize

Thursday, January 11, 2018

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Supreme Ventures has finally presented its latest Lotto winner, with the $49-million prize won on December 6, last year during draw #1426.

According to a Supreme Venture release, S O'Meally (the name used) was the last lotto winner for the year 2017, and had Jamaicans guessing for more than four weeks by not claiming the $49-million jackpot immediately after it was announced that the jackpot had been hit.

O'Meally, who bought the winning ticket in Linstead, St Catherine, said that it was while preparing to buy tickets for another draw that the realisation came, through checking the previously bought numbers, that the ticket had won. The lucky numbers were 07, 09, 16, 21, 23, 36 and Bonus Ball 05.  

“I just searched my bag and I found the ticket and my friend was searching online to find out what was the winning numbers from the draw. I looked at it and I went back into my room and I thought I just had some familiar numbers in that line as usual. Anyways, I went for the ticket and when I looked at the numbers I came out the room and said 'I won'. It was unbelievable to me that finally, I'm a winner. I've matched five and bonus ball before and I've missed by not buying my ticket,” the jackpot winner said.

O'Meally, who has been buying Lotto tickets for 20 years, said the numbers come in dreams and these winning Lotto numbers were no different.

“The numbers that I won with were actually individuals, like seven - Married Woman, nine – Married Man, 16 - The Young Girl and 23 - The Bad Girl. The dream was about a family gathering and those were the persons sitting there so I just wrote them down,” O'Meally said.

While many people purchase numbers as a source of enjoyment, O'Meally was convinced that one day the dream numbers would hit it big and win.

“I've always been close and I always miss, sometimes because of misinterpretation. One time I lost because I played someone as 16 when they were really 21, that was the match 5 and Bonus Ball. I've been playing from before there was a SVL terminal in Linstead, I used to go to Spanish Town to buy lottery tickets," said O'Meally.

Unlike other jackpot dreamers who plan to purchase luxury cars and go on exotic vacations, O'Meally has no affinity for extravagance, with a new house being the largest purchase on the cards.