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ONLINE READERS COMMENT: Did Phillips' leadership challenge break up the PNP?

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Dear Editor,

According to a Nationwide News report, Lisa Hanna, Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Trade, told comrades at a constituency conference in North West Manchester that Peter Bunting is attempting to break up the People's National Party (PNP).

I have to ask if Peter Phillips broke up the PNP when he challenged Portia Simpson Miller for party leadership in 2006 and 2008?

Back then, there were overt and crude references to Simpson Millers' lack of intelligence, connection to a name brand university and affinity to the intelligentsia, in general. Despite Phillip's challenge, the party still healed and moved forward. Challenges are normal and will occur and may even bring the party closer together by focusing on the issues which led to the challenge. Democracy is a fundamental right and a healthy process in any political organisation. 

We expect better from Hanna. Just recently she urged comrades on both sides of the leadership race to cool it down as they approached the date of the election, but now she appears to be doing the opposite.

Hanna at the conference went on to urge comrades to visit constituencies, including Mr Bunting's, to make the case for Phillips to remain as party leader. Desperation is something else, especially when it appears to border on selfish motives.

If Phillips was as effective as Hanna believes he is, he would've made the case for himself by now, from his own words and actions. Just recently another senior PNP member Dr Fenton Ferguson decided to back Bunting instead of remaining neutral, and cited several reasons why he arrived at his decision. This is the mature and intelligent way to approach leadership. 

In other news another PNP member Damion Crawford, who serves as vice president, is said to have referred to Bunting, a senior colleague, as "a serpent".

In a video released on social media Crawford alleged that Mr Bunting shows no love for people. Crawford's mouth is his worst enemy, he hasn't learned, he would've been better off focusing on the outstanding traits of the person he supports instead of resorting to personal name calling. His comments were distasteful and childish and unbecoming of someone aspiring to higher office. The PNP is really out of touch with messaging and communications which gave rise to the current challenge. The party ought to be engaging and listening more to the people, they ought to be gauging social media where the younger demographics are based. Too many in the party's hierarchy seem to have their own agenda and it is becoming more obvious by their pronouncements.


P Chin