Infidelity, penis length and life expectancy

According to a poll done by a popular dating site, most faithful men have foot sizes between seven and nine.

The myths about people’s shoe size have been around for centuries, especially those involving men. Research shows that there can be positive results for both large and small feet. Here are the results of some studies and surveys that have been carried out around the world. GROWTH SPURTS Foo ... Read More

Stages of life & your oral health
Awareness of the oral health conditions you are likely to face at different stages of life can help ... Read More

Sandia National Laboratories chemical engineer and lead paper author Aashish Priye offers a view into the Zika box prototype, along with co-authors Sara Bird (centre), a virologist, and Cameron Ball, a biomedical engineer. (Photo: Randy Wong) Scientists develop smartphone-based test for Zika
Add rapid, mobile testing for Zika and other viruses to the list of things that smartphone technolog ... Read More

Are you feeling tired all the time? Chronic fatigue syndrome
Are you feeling tired all the time, even after resting and sleeping for a prolonged period? You may ... Read More

Diagnosing a heart attack: Putting it all together

Dr Claudine Lewis | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

A heart attack is sudden blockage of the coronary arteries.

Over the past few weeks we have been discussing the signs of a heart attack or blocked coronary arteries and some of the tests that can be used to confirm the diagnosis. So let’s put it all together. Before we do that, let’s review some key terms. WHAT IS A HEART ATTACK? A heart attack is sudden blockage of the coronary arteries (that bring blood to the heart), usually caused by break-up of plaque inside the artery and formation of a clot which blocks off the blood flow to a port ... Read More

How to age gracefully

with Michelle Vernon | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

Coffee and caffeine lower the production of DHEA, which is referred to as the ‘youth hormone’. (Photo: AP)

Many of us are in a fight against ageing. Not so much for our vanity either, but for our overall health. We constantly hear about ways to stay young: Eat right, exercise, stay out of the sun, take care of our skin. But there are some random things that cause ageing that we may not be fully aware of. PILLOWCASES A majority of deep wrinkles on our face as we age are actually caused by how we sleep. A major cause of this is due to pillowcases that don’t allow our skin to move, but actually ... Read More

Diabetes Association of Jamaica targets 1,200 people

Sunday, March 19, 2017    

Diabetes can lead to blindness.

The Diabetes Association is offering free retinal screening to 1,200 people with diabetes and hypertension, free of charge. The initiative, which also includes free sugar tests, is being undertaken in partnership with the Culture, Health, Arts, Sports, and Education (CHASE) Fund. the association is therefore urging people with diabetes to visit its offices at 1 Downer Avenue, Kingston 5, on Saturdays to have the retinal (eye) screening done. According to the association, diabetes is the leadi ... Read More

Researchers say cause of OCD discovered

Sunday, March 19, 2017    

Some people have an extreme fear of dirt or bacteria. As a result, they may develop a habit of compulsive washing and repeatedly cleaning their hands or body. They are trapped in a vicious circle, as the fear of new contamination returns quickly after washing. Sufferers see no way out. They are even incapable of changing their behaviour when the excessive washing has led to skin irritation or damage. Around two per cent of the general population suffer from some kind of obsessive-compulsive dis ... Read More

Drug against alcoholism works, researchers claim

Sunday, March 19, 2017    

The drug, baclofen, had ‘a positive effect’ at high doses in reducing alcohol consumption over a year of treatment. (Photo: AP)

PARIS, France (AFP) — French researchers provided fresh evidence Friday to support claims that a drug touted as a miracle cure for alcoholism, and prescribed for this purpose in France, actually works. The drug, baclofen, had “a positive effect” at high doses in reducing alcohol consumption over a year of treatment, according to study results released at a conference in Paris. Developers reported on a drug trial named Bacloville, conducted among 320 heavy drinkers aged 18 to ... Read More

Free dental sealants for children on World Oral Health Day

Friday, March 17, 2017    

Members of the dental team at work during FLOW Skool Aid 2015. (File Photo)

Members of the Jamaica Dental Association will on Monday apply fissure sealants to the teeth of underprivileged children at 180 locations across the island, free of cost. The group said in a release yesterday that it will be targeting children in primary schools and children’s homes on March 20, which is also being observed as World Oral Health Day, in support of the National Sealant Programme announced by Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton at the association’s National Dental ... Read More

UK grants 1st licence to make babies using DNA from 3 people

Friday, March 17, 2017    

A general view of Newcastle Fertility Clinic, which is on the third floor of this building, in Newcastle, England. Britain’s Newcastle University says its scientists have received a licence to create babies using DNA from three people to prevent women from passing on potentially fatal genetic diseases to their children — the first time such approval has been granted. (Photo: AP)

LONDON, England (AP) — Britain’s Newcastle University says its scientists have received a licence to create babies using DNA from three people to prevent women from passing on potentially fatal genetic diseases to their children — the first time such approval has been granted. The licence was granted yesterday by the country’s fertility regulator, according to the university. In December British officials approved the “cautious use” of the techniques, which ... Read More

What you probably didn’t know about sunscreen

with Michelle Vernon | Sunday, March 12, 2017    

You should spend no more than 10 minutes each day in direct sunlight, or at the very least, seek shade, avoid midday sun, and wear broad-brimmed hats and sun-protective clothing.

Some sun is important, not only for the skin, but for a person’s overall well-being. Exposure to sunlight is good for stimulating the production of serotonin. Serotonin is considered a natural mood stabiliser and the chemical that helps sleeping, eating and digesting. Serotonin also helps reduce depression, regulate anxiety, heal wounds, stimulate nausea, and maintain bone health. Sunlight is also a source of vitamin D, which is produced in the skin after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) B ra ... Read More

Cardboard boxes as cribs?

Sunday, March 12, 2017    

Dolores Peterson and her three-month-old daughter Ariabella pose for a photograph at their home in Camden on Monday, March 6, 2017.

TRENTON, New Jersey (AP) — Cardboard boxes certainly aren’t new technology. But when they’re linked to a practice that started in Finland decades ago to help babies sleep safely, they’re taking on a new purpose as so-called baby boxes make their way to the US. Parents are beginning to take baby boxes home from hospitals along with their newborns. A Los Angeles-based company has partnered with health officials to give the boxes away for free and an online initiative offer ... Read More

Men’s health takes centre stage

Sunday, March 12, 2017    

Dr Peter Johnson, consultant interventional neuroradiologist, during his presentation on stroke entitled, ‘Time is Brain’, at the opening NCB Insurance ProCare Men’s Health Week event at the NCB Atrium.

Jamaican men were recently challenged to ‘ready up’. The call to action came from NCB Insurance as part of the ProCare Men’s Health Week during February 21-25, geared at encouraging men to be more proactive about their health and planning for life. Staged in association with Jamaica Urological Society, Heart Foundation of Jamaica, the Jamaica Cancer Society, and Doctor’s Appointment TV show, Roland Henry, senior marketing officer, NCB Group noted the importance of this t ... Read More



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