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Sister Nancy goes Down Under

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sister Nancy is one of dancehall's success stories of the last five years. The trailblazing deejay has enjoyed a renaissance due to renewed interest in her song Bam Bam, done over 30 years ago for producer Winston Riley.

Nancy has been busy doing shows in the United States, Europe and Israel. In November, she heads to Australia for two shows.

The first takes place at Laundry bar in Fitzroy, Victoria. She is at Max Watt's in Syndey the following day.

Recorded on the famous Stalag rhythm, Bam Bam was Sister Nancy's breakthrough hit. The song has been sampled by a number of rappers including Kanye West and Guerilla Black.

The younger sister of deejay Brigadier Jerry, Sister Nancy led a flood of female deejays who emerged during the 1980s. They included Lady Mackerel (now Macka Diamond), Lady G and Shelly Thunder.