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Sem G banks on new single

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sem G has begun to get attention with his latest single, Da Body Deh on the Black Rogue Records label.

“Everybody loves the song, and we have submitted the songs to a lot of radio stations but in the meantime, the selectors ah work with it,” he said.

Given the early street feedback on the song, which was released two weeks ago, there are plans to shoot a video in the near future. Sem G first came to the attention of the public with Rude Bwoy Ting on the Weed Rock riddim for indie label Chase Mills Records. He is signed to and managed by Free People Entertainment.

Born Jerdaine Rican Tibby, Sem G grew up in Kingston and attended Kingston High School where he developed his musical interest by performing at school concerts.

“I could hardly wait for breaks at school to beat the desk with my friends and deejay for my peers,” Sem G reminisced.

In an age of dancehall where gun worship, trigger-pulling and X-rated lyrics dominate the content of songs, Sem G is a throwback to a gentler, more positive era. He believes that music greatly impacts the mind and how people think, and therefore musicians have a role to play in helping to shape the thought process of people.

“Mi love positive songs but sometimes a wah the riddim tell me, ah dat mi work with, dancehall riddim equal dancehall songs, if I get a culture riddim, yu will get a cultural song, but I like to elevate the mind with my songs, we, as artistes, owe that to the people,” he said.

His other songs include The Truth, Feelings, and L.O.V.E.